The Spectaculicious Quadroholder

By: Ankle Inshurants

What is the Spectaculiciuos Quadroholder?

The spectaculicious Quadroholder(A.K.A. The SQ for short.) is a pencil case modified to help with most pencil case issue's. For example, the SQ is thinner wich means it takes up less space in your bag. The SQ also has additional things like a cup holder and a book holder.

Who is the SQ for?

The SQ is for ages 12-18 because that is when your pencil case is always full and you are carrying a lot of stuff. So the SQ can help you hold less. Also, it is thinner so it can fit in your binder.

Why Did We Create the SQ?

We created the SQ so kids ages 12-18 won't have a hard time carying their stuff to and from school and in the halls.