From Sea To Shining Shoe

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Sperrys were designed in 1935 by Paul A. Sperry. The headquarters are in Lexington, Massachusetts. They were first used as boat shoes, they were made with leather. Sperrys are one of the official shoes in the US Navy. The footwear symbol is of the Prep Style.
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Day in the Life of a Boat Man

Dear Thomas,

Hey, this is John. So you know that out on the docks we go barefoot all the time. Then, one guy named Paul A. Sperry designers a pair of Sperrys for people on the ships. He sold them at the market, and I decided to buy them. Thomas, you need to get these. They are leather and they have a sole! Can you believe it? Everyone at the docks has them. They make life so much better. Next time you come to my house we need to buy you some. They are so comfortable.



My Passion with these Shoes

I picked these shoes because I have a pair of Sperrys, and they are very comfortable. When I picked to research these shoes I didn't know anything about them. Now, I know that they were boat shoes before. I just thought the were plain, ordinary shoes to wear. I'm glad I decided to research them.
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