Edgar Allan Poe

Jacob Lutt

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Edgar Allan Poe had more jobs than just being a writer

Poe's writing wasn't making him enough parents,he couldn't support himself just on the money he earned from his poems and novels, so he had to get another job. Poe began his first editing job on December 1835 at the southern literary messenger magazine. His next editing job was on April 1841. his last editing job Poe had was right before he died.

Poe's time as a child gave him his writing skills

When Poe was a child and was living with the Allan's they lived in England and Poe was surrounded by tons of literature. At five years-old Poe was attending school and improving his writing skills. Eventually Poe came back to America, so he can study more about literature.

Poe didn't start ppublishing his work until he was twenty-two

At twenty-two years old Edgar Allan Poe published his very first book. Poe's second book of poetry was published in 1829 and concludes work from when he was fifteen. Edgar finally made his first novel in 1838.in 1845 Poe published The Raven in the New York evening mirror.

A lot of inspiration for Poe's poems came from his own life

around the time Poe started to write when he was fifteen so he had tons of things to inspire him. One of Poe's inspiration was his first wife Virginia Clemm, she had deadly disease which was the main inspiration for The Masque of Red Death.
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Poe's life as a writer was very poor

When Edgar Allan Poe started to write,his life wasn't all that great. Poe around this time started to consume alcohol and became an alcoholic.Poe also decided to start taking drugs as well for some Poe drank and did drugs.Eventually Poe stopped drinking and using drugs because of his soon to be wife didn't like that he was throwing life away like that. but sadly Poe died soon after he was sober.

Poe's contribution to American literature was pretty big

Poe, although an addict had some really spooky and bone-chilling stories. Poe also made a whole new genre in literature and had a really big impact.Poe is a legendary author and will never be forgotten for he has done.


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