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October 5, 2018

A Note from Kimberly

It's so hard to believe it is already October and in the blink of an eye, it will be Winter break, and then half the year is almost gone! Gosh, time goes by fast!

The beginning of the year is always crazy as you welcome families to a new school year and try to get everyone settled into a routine. Now that it's October, I hope you've had some time to breathe and reflect on how things are going.

Each year I set Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) for the work I do. I'm entering my 3rd year as the Family Engagement Consultant at ESC-20. My first year I focused on researching what Family Engagement is and studied various models/practices to learn what makes Family Engagement effective that increases student achievement. I also spent my first year building the ESC-20 parent resources and family engagement pages. Last year I focused on building professional development sessions for educators, administrators, parent liaisons/family specialists, and staff that work directly with families. I went from offering 2 Family Engagement sessions to offering 13.

Now that I've built the trainings, my focus this year is increasing attendance to the professional development trainings being offered.

2018-2019 WIG: Increase the number of registered participants in each Family Engagement Professional Development Connect 20 training by 5% during September 13, 2018 to May 2, 2019.

I share my WIG with you so that you know I'm committed to growing the Family Engagement Department here at ESC-20 and the work I do is for you and all the families you serve. I get to support YOU and I love that about this work I do.

I've already had to cancel my first offering of Partnering with Parents: Effective Communication scheduled for Tuesday due to low enrollment.

Please help spread the word of the staff Professional Development trainings that I'm offering this school year. I truly believe they are foundational and important in your family engagement efforts.

Don't know what they are? Download the flyer below or search Family Engagement in Connect20. Share with your campus administrators and teachers. I've also included a flyer below that outlines the best Family Engagement sessions for teachers and administrators to attend.

So, how are things going? Are you excited about the work you are doing with families? Are you doing something innovative and exciting? Please share, I want to know!

Are you spinning the wheels and don't feel like you are getting anywhere? Please reach out to me and let me help!

The picture to the left is of my oldest daughter. Yesterday she was awarded The First in Math Top Student. This picture is an encouragement to me because as her mom, I know how hard she worked on earning this. I saw her frustration when she would get an answer wrong and have to start over and figure it out. She kept trying different ways to solve the problem. She never gave up. Well, she almost gave up when our internet was really slow and it wasn't moving fast enough for her! Each day she would give me a report on how many "stickers" she would need to earn in order to beat her classmates. She focused on where she needed to be and she didn't let distractions deter her. I was very proud of her!

As my daughter has reminded me, I also want to remind you: Never give up. Keep trying. When something doesn't work, try a different approach and keep going.

And....don't forget that I'm here to help in any way I can, so please let me know!

Blessings to you and the great work you do,


Fall 2018 Parent Leadership Academy Cohort #6

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Parent Leadership Academy

This 6th Cohort of the Parent Leadership Academy has drawn parents from AHISD, Brooks Academy, Comal ISD, Edgewood ISD, Harmony Public Schools, Hondo ISD, IDEA, Judson ISD, Medina Valley ISD, NEISD, NISD, SAISD, and Southside ISD.

Participants engage in 36 hours of learning courses . Participants develop a portfolio that showcases their learning from each course, their family mission statement, personal and professional goals, and leadership plan. These are showcased at the Parent Leadership Graduation as we celebrate their hard work and completion of the Academy.

Registration is Open!

Registration closes on October 31st!

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Register HERE

Register HERE for the ESC-20 Family & Community Engagement Symposium

Family & Community Engagement Symposium

Date: Friday, November 2, 2018

Cost: $15 (includes lunch)

Time: 8:30 a.m.--2:00 p.m.

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Vela, President, San Antonio College


Symposium Webpage

Click HERE to download Symposium flyers, view the breakout session grid and descriptions, see the schedule and learn more about our keynote speaker! The registration link is also on this webpage.

Symposium Registration Information

Registration for the Family & Community Engagement Symposium is not through Connect20. A separate registration form has been developed that allows the user to register with a PO# and/or Credit Card.

There are some campuses/districts that pay for parents/staff to attend and some that do not so we've tweaked our registration form to allow registration for either or.

Another NEW feature with our registration form.

When you provide your PO# to the parent/staff to register, they will be asked to enter the name and email address of the district contact person (whoever is keeping track of registrations needs to be the contact person). In doing this, when the user completes the registration form, they receive an email of registration confirmation AND the district contact person receives a confirmation email of the NAME of the individual registering to allow you to know who has registered for the Symposium with the PO# you provided them.

Refunds: No refunds will be issued, however, substitutions will be accepted. All substitutions should be emailed to by October 26, 2018.

Have specific questions or need assistance with registration? Please give me a call at 210-370-5431 or email!

Hope to See You There!

Click Below for the Listing of October Parent Trainings & Webinars

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Foundations of Family Engagement

The session, Foundations of Family Engagement, is going to center around some of my Harvard learning and the U.S. Department of Education's Building Capacity Framework for School-Family Partnerships.

If you are wanting to understand what is needed to build a family engagement program that is sustainable and effective, join me during this session.

Foundations of Family Engagement

Thursday, Oct. 18th, 9am-12pm

1314 Hines

San Antonio, TX

Family Engagement is any way that a child's adult caretaker (biological parents, foster parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.) at home, at school and in the community, effectively support learning and healthy development.

The Foundations of Family Engagement training will focus on 5 process conditions to develop an effective Family Engagement program.

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2018

Time: 9:00 a.m.--12:00 p.m.

Session ID#: 50801

Fee: $25

BIG SHOUT OUT to campuses within NEISD, SAISD, SWISD, Comal ISD, and Jubilee Academy for hosting parents on their campuses to participate in the parent training webinars!

Parent Training Webinars

As more and more of you are hosting parents to participate in our parent training webinars, a few questions have arose that I want to help clear up.

Q: If I plan to host a group of parents to participate in a parent training webinar, do they all need to register in Connect20?

A: Since registration has moved to Connect20, the only way a participant can receive a certificate of participation is by registering for the session through Connect20.

Q: How do I get the webinar link?

A: After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email that will contain the webinar link along with a reminder where to locate the handouts/resources. If you do not receive the confirmation email, check your SPAM/JUNK folder.

Q: How do participants get credit for attending a webinar?

A: An ESC-20 staff member is always on the other end of the webinar. Once the webinar gets started, a message will be send out through the ZOOM platform asking for names of all participants. Once we receive the names we check them off on our webinar sign in sheet. The sign in sheet is turned in to our registration specialists and attendance is posted 2-3 days afterward. Once attendance has been posted, then a certificate can be downloaded and printed through the Connect20 account.

Q: Can my parents register when they arrive on my campus the day of the training?

A: Absolutely. The registration stays open the whole day of the actual training. You can assist them in registering. Please make sure you send their names in. While their name may not show up on our sign in sheet, we will write their name down and make sure they get credit.

Q: How do you register for a parent training webinar?

A: Steps to Register for an ESC-20 Parent Training or Webinar in English and Spanish is posted online at

Q: How do you access the certificate after the webinar?

A: Steps to Access your Parent Training or Webinar Certificate in English and Spanish is posted online at

Please note: Certificates may not be available until 2-3 days after the training.

Q: How do I access the webinar handouts/resources?

A: Parent Training Webinar handouts are posted online HERE! They can be accessed from the parent resources main page:

Please note: Parent Training webinar handouts/resources are posted 1-2 days before the training.

Still have questions? Please contact Kimberly via email or (210) 370-5431.

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Did you miss the September 13th Family Engagement Network Meeting?

If so, you can access all the information and handouts HERE!

Next Family Engagement Network Meeting

November 27, 2018

Register in Connect 20!

Session ID#50797

Agenda will be shared once finalized!

A Parent's Guide to ESSA

U.S. Secretary of Education released a parent and guardian-friendly guide to the important flexibilities in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Download A Parent's Guide to ESSA

Check out the other ESSA resources HERE (including a Build Your Own Presentation: A Parent's Guide to ESSA)

Early Childhood State and Community Resources

The TEA Early Childhood webpage has a section of State and Community Resources? You will find information about services in the community that range from healthcare to child safety. One resource featured on the page is Help for Parents, Hope for Kids, which is a website that offers parenting tips, water safety and child safety information for families. It includes videos on a range of topics such as “First-Time Dad”, “Bedtime Struggles”, and “Temper Tantrums”.

Families Matter for STEM Learning

Global Family Research Project has developed different family engagement resources. They currently are focusing on Family Engagement in STEM Learning.

Student success in the world today requires strong science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills and the capacity to apply these skills in everyday life. As a child’s first teacher, families play a critical role in the development of STEM capacities.

Research shows there are three main ways that families strengthen STEM learning from early childhood through adolescence:

  • Families can develop a STEM-rich home environment.
  • Families can create a mindset that promotes strong STEM identities.
  • Families can strengthen STEM learning by participating in activities across a variety of settings.

Check out Global Family Research Project's Family Engagement Resources!

Families are Fundamental

Takeaways from The National Center for Families Learning Conference

My own takeaways after reading this article:

  1. Love the idea shared of a "Homework Diner" where families come to school, receive assistance together on homework lessons, and receive a hot meal.
  2. Consider having school events away from the school and in facilities that families frequent for non-educational purposes, such as malls, municipal buildings, and community centers demonstrated both availability to and respect for the families.
  3. Consider making audio versions of books available to families, either digitally or via CD's to allow parents and caretakers who might not be literate or fluent English speakers participate in reading with their children.

Read the Full Article: Families are Fundamental: Takeaways from The National Center for Families Learning Conference

Making the Most of Parents' Time at School

Edutopia wrote this article about using family engagement events to target learning goals as a path to increasing students' academic success.

This article discusses 5 strategies to engage parents while they are on your campus.

1. Bank for your buck--make events meaningful and link them to learning

2. Planning--consider what else is going on in school life and in the community

3. Timing--consider the best "time" the majority of your parents will be available

4. Themes--create theme events built around academics with a fun twist

5. Food--reach out to community partners to support funds for food

Read the Full Article: Making the Most of Parents' Time at School

Parent/Family Newsletters to SHARE

Check out the GREAT parent/family newsletters below FULL of great information on a variety of topics! Click the IMAGE below to open each newsletter!

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