My goals

Tomas Beach Springs Intermediate

My Reading Goal

My reading goal is to read a lot I want to have more challenging books to read I am going to do that by, when i get home I 'll try to do my chores quickly and get to reading or i'll start to be getting an hour or two on reading

Math Goals

My math goal are to become better at division\decimals they way i'll do that is by studying dreambox and programs like the dreambox program

My behavior Goal

My behavior goal is to get all light letters every day and also maybe go to terrific kid i want to go to all light celebrations! I am gonna do that by listening and being respectful

Personal Goal 1#

My personal goal is to get all A the entire year, for the Beta club I am gonna do that by listening and paying attention or studying

Personal Goal 2#

My second personal goal is to become more active during weekends i am gonna do that by starting to get more excited by going to places that i am not fully glad to visit