The Amazing Watch Phone

By: Kiley Tarczynski, Azucena Vences, and Gavin Watson

The Watch Phone

The apple watch is coming out in 2015.The creator is Tim Cook.The watch phone cost $349.The apple watch is specially designed for a smaller device. It is a phone but it is worn on the wrist.The phone watch buzzes or taps you when you get a message or text. It also has apps and other fun games.The watch phone has youtube and other websites. Also it can download music and videos.It will be popular when it comes out.Users will be able to scroll and zoom just like the iphone.It also can charge your phone to 100%.The watch reminds you where you parked your car. The watch phone has a speaker that you can talk in. People will use their watch phone more than their phones.This watch phone can do more than a phone and it has better power.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this article.I received this information from Time For Kids website.