Month-End Recap

From Ayesha Dawley

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April 2016

This update is for my team only, and is designed to provide

  • a recap of our success from the previous month
  • real-life examples of what other consultants are doing
  • training and information

THE NUMBERS: A Benchmark for You

Number of Consultants: 49

Average Personal Volume (PV): $673

Average Personal Volume (PV) Among Active Consultants: $935

Three Highest PVs: $2,924 / $2,725 / $2,375

Three Highest NVs: $8,665 / $1,781 / $1,523

Number of Consultants with a Team: 18

Number of Promotions This Month: 5



Anne Coleman (Mentor: Ali Schwebel)
Denise Kowalewski (Mentor: Jennifer Kilzer)
Elizabeth Pasho (Mentor: Ali Schwebel)
Virginia Bell (Mentor: Ali Schwebel)

We are so glad you're here! This is going to be fun and rewarding!


Jennifer Kilzer: Senior Manager
Anne Coleman: Manager
Breen Tivnan Inkmann: Senior Consultant
Elizabeth Pasho: Senior Consultant
Virgina Bell: Senior Consultant
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PV, QV, BV, NV. What?


Activity Requirement: To maintain active status, a Consultant must have 1,200 QV

(of which 250 must be New Volume or “NV”) in a 6-month period.

Paid-As Title: Achieved monthly based on the requirements met (PV, NV, BV, 50% Rule, and Director Branches)

Volume Used to Determine Your Paid-As Title:

- QV: Qualifying Volume - generated by sales to Clients and Members, as well as your personal orders.

- NV: New Volume - QV contributed by new Clients, Members and personally sponsored Consultants when a

new account is created and an order is placed within the same calendar month.

-BV: Business Volume - QV generated by your entire downline + your own QV.

Volume Used to Determine How Much You Are Paid:

- PV: Personal Volume - determines how you are paid for selling Beautycounter products. PV is generated by sales to Clients and Members, but not by your personal orders.

-CV: Commissionable Volume - determines how you are paid for building a downline. CV is 75% of the PV on an item, and it’s generated by your downline Consultants’ sales to Clients and Members, as well as their personal orders.


PV from starter Sets and/or products purchased during your new Consultant enrollment does count toward Personal Sales Bonus qualification and payout.

50% Rule:

No more than 50% of BV qualification can come out of any Level One Consultant / leg.

An easier interpretation:

When you see "PQV," it is the same as QV. QV is sales including personal purchases. PV is sales without personal purchases. For promotions, go by QV. For personal commission and the Personal Sales Bonus, only look at PV. If you have a team, the BV number you want to look at is the one in the "50% Rule" column.

• Earn a 5% Sales Bonus on PV between $750 - $1499
• Earn a 7% Sales Bonus on PV between $1500 - $2999
• Earn a 10% Sales Bonus on PV over $3000

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Beautycounter Mascara Launch Promo Video: 100 Lashes

I'm sure you've all seen this, but just in case you haven't, please watch! Share this video with anyone and everyone!
Beautycounter 100 Lashes

Socials! By Beautycounter Regional Director, Caroline Jones

Socials: A little word that holds so much potential—and a bit of mystery at the same time. We encourage Socials as an efficient way to expand your network, strengthen and consistently build your business. But what exactly is a Social? Quite simply, it’s our word for a gathering where everyone is learning about Beautycounter. If the word feels daunting, use “get-together” or “grab a few friends” instead when reaching out to potential Hosts.

Although the concept of a Social is straightforward, we know booking one can feel tricky at times. How do you ask for one? When should you reach out? Who would make a great Host? Let’s remove the mystery and make Socials nothing but magic for your business.

How to Get Social

Three prime opportunities to introduce the idea of a Social are:

1) during your daily routine;

2) at a product drop-off or one-on-one appointments;

3) at a Social. Let’s break down each opportunity and review some language to use in each situation.

1) Daily Routine

You most likely talk about Beautycounter on a daily basis, whether on the sidelines of a baseball game or during a run-in at the grocery store. Talking about a healthy lifestyle or “What a gorgeous lip color” is often all it takes to get the conversation started (a good reason to always wear Beautycounter products and have samples handy!). Once you touch upon our mission, people are generally open to learning more.

What to Say

As the conversation progresses, you can bring up say Socials by saying something like, “I love to get together a group of people to educate our community about what is going into the products we all use everyday. We could get a few of your friends together to learn more about Beautycounter, maybe in the evening over a glass of wine, or in the morning with coffee. It is always fun and a great way to see all of our products. I’d love to do a get-together with you!”

If there is interest, continue with, “Great—I can give you a call tomorrow morning to choose a date. Does 10 AM work for you to connect?”

2) One-on-One Appointments and Product Drop-Offs

One-on-one appointments and product drop-offs are great opportunities to introduce the option of holding a Social, as your potential Host has already demonstrated an interest in Beautycounter.

What to Say

One of the best times to talk about the benefits of hosting a Social is while discussing skincare routines or taking a product order. Our Wish List is the perfect tool to use during this conversation. “Anne, these products are the perfect introduction to Beautycounter. I wrote down everything you might eventually like to try, and here’s an option for what you aren’t purchasing today: What if we gather some of your girlfriends together? I’ll give a quick Beautycounter overview and talk about the importance of safer products and then let them play with the products (can’t wait to fill everyone in on your favorites!) and, based on the orders at your Social, you can earn the products on your wish list for free and/or half-off.”

If there is interest, continue with, “Great! Would something like a Sunday afternoon work best for you, or is a weekday morning better?” Bring your calendar to offer options that work for you. Your goal is to always book the next appointment at an appointment.

3) At a Social

Your guests are having a great time while learning new information. Follow this two-step process to naturally introduce the idea of hosting a Social of their own.

What to Say

Step 1: Announce that anyone can hold a Social with you

During your Beautycounter overview, mention the ways guests can get involved (as a Client, Member, or Consultant or by hosting a Social), then elaborate on hosting a Social by saying something like: “If you are feeling like I did when I first learned this information (questioning what my mom, my sisters, and my best friends were using, and—what they are putting on their little ones), then I’d love to do something similar with your friends and family in your home. It can be as easy as sitting at the kitchen table with some cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine, or maybe stopping by after morning drop-off for coffee. Either way, I’d love to let those you care about know what’s going on in this industry and how we can all make better choices. I’ll talk to you about this a little bit later, but for now, let’s dive into the products. At long last, our mascara is here!”

Step 2: Make it happen

After this, your guests will continue to ask questions, linger over product decisions, and eventually place orders. I recommend placing your guests’ orders in an area out of earshot from the rest of the Social. This provides the setting to again connect with your guests with normal niceties and product talk and to then broach the topic of hosting. Say something like: “Anne, it was great meeting you tonight and I had such a nice time getting to know you a little bit. I’d love to do something similar with you and your friends or neighbors soon. We can even use this as a great excuse to get the girls together for a girls’ night in… Let’s do it! Would a weekday evening (Thursday?) work best, or is a weekend afternoon better timing?”

Setting a Date

Not everyone will be interested in hosting a Social when you ask them. That’s OK! A general rule of thumb is that you need to ask seven to 10 people before you book one Social. You won’t always set a date for the Social then and there. Some people need to check their calendars or ask their friends—though you could try, “There is never one date that works for everyone, so let’s go with the date that works best for you.”


Will all of this Socializing work? Absolutely. With all of your efforts, you’ll be expanding your business, your network and our mission in no time!

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  • Dash to Director
  • Start Counting Program
  • 2 Months to Manager Training
  • 3 Months to Director Training
  • Managing Director Perks

You can always find details on current incentives Behind the Counter.


We've launched mascara! HQ has AMAZING plans for this year. We had an amazing April and May presents a blank slate and fresh start! Do something for your business every day, so the month doesn't get away from you!

Plan your work, and work your plan, because NOW is the time. You are fortunate enough to be one of the FIRST in with this company. Get ready. Work hard. What an amazing opportunity we have.

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