Giovanni Boccaccio

By: Lauren Roth 4B

14th century Italian scholar, storyteller and poet.

Giovanni was best remembered as the author of the earthy tales in the Decameron, which means "work of ten days" it was 100 stories told over 10 days by 10 people escaping the plague. With Petrarch they founded humanism and raised literature to the level and status of more maturity.

Go on get your humanism out!

Category: Intellectual

TImeline of Giovanni Boccaccio's life

1313- Giovanni was born to an out-of-wedlock couple.

1327- Giovanni went to naples to study business and law, later quitting because he did not like it.

1340- He returned to Florence to keep writing.

1348-1353- Giovanni wrote the Decameron

1375- Giovanni died leaving 3 children

Giovanni's impact on the renaissance

~Giovanni wrote the Decameron

~Giovanni befriended Petrarch and helped father humanism.

~Giovanni broke a lot of the writing traditions

~Boccaccio founded a new style of writing

~He caused people to view a realistic version of life through his characters