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The Paw-Rufic Truth

Did you know that animals will never love anyone more than their loving owner? More facts about how pups make you happy and healthy HERE!!!
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Advice to Have a Well Behaving Puppy

  1. Teach your puppy simple commands at a very young age such as; sit, stay, down, come, and leave it.
  2. Take your puppy for walks/runs often to get their energy out
  3. Potty Train them at a very young age
  4. Don't give your puppy food when they beg
  5. Only give them treats when they behave well
  6. Don't feed your puppy at the table
  7. Give them toys, so they don't teat things up around the house
  8. Bring them around other dogs, and children at a young age so they behave well around them
  9. Play with your puppy frequently
  10. Take your puppy to the vet often

Who Kills their Best Friends?

Learn more about the heartbreaking thing that is animal abuse here.
What Your Pets Are Thinking

Some Funny Things To Lift Your Day.