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Reflections of "One Good Thing"


In order to "jump start" blogging in the district I work in, they have developed the DCSD Blog Challenge. A new topic is posted every Sunday evening for the week with the hopes of having more and more teachers dive into the blogging realm. If you're interested in reading more, you can check out #DCSDblogs, or visit the Showcase Page on the DCSD Blogs website. This week's topic is simply titled, "One Good Thing," that asks us to write one good thing that happened in our classroom or building in the past week. However, it's hard to pick just one, so here are a few "ones" to go along with this week's theme.

Another Sudlow Yearbook Finished

This was my third year as the yearbook adviser at Sudlow. I am extremely fortunate to be able to lead a class of young journalists and discuss journalistic photography, page design, and caption writing. Each year, we have increased the size of the book, and this year's 68 page book is really a masterpiece. The students did a wonderful job with it. After capturing an Honorable Mention in the National Lifetouch Yearbook Showcase last year, we're looking to place with this book this year.

George Couros is a Featured Speaker

Because I've heard so many positive things about the book, An Innovator's Mindset, I decided to check it out from our district TLCS library and see what it is all about. After reading about halfway through, this book is worth the hype. I have gathered so many Post-It notes on what I'd like to do next year, my shift in mindset is already occurring. However, the best news of all this came the other day when it was announced that George Couros is going to be our Keynote speaker at the district inservice next August. I am excited for the opportunity to listen to him speak.

Special Delivery: Chromebooks

The good news just kept coming as it was revealed that, beginning next school year, all teachers in the Davenport Community School District will be getting Chromebooks to use as their own. This has been a desire of teachers in the district for quite some time. So, it's wonderful to see they will each have their own device, which will allow them to be mobile with their devices and maybe even become comfortable enough with it that they can not only assist students, but partake in some really engaging activities for the students. I can't wait for all teachers to have this wonderful opportunity.

'One' Good Thing

There are several other positives that are happening, not only in my building, but across the district as well. Reading the other posts from my fellow colleagues really makes me a proud member of the Davenport Community School District. These posts and excitement from others is proof of that. So, I know that I wasn't able to narrow it down to just ONE good thing, but after all, I am a Language Arts teacher!

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