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A little extra help for May

Trunk Show Ideas

Hi ladies! I wanted to send along a few ideas for booking trunk shows into May. I've shared these ideas with a few of you, so I thought I'd just share with the whole team!

-Take a fresh look at your Who Do You Know List. Think about:

  • Friends that live away - offer to do an online trunk show or Skype show.
  • Coworkers, colleagues, people in your professional network
  • Relatives - your mom, your sister, aunt, cousin, grandmother (they love the jewels too!)
  • Neighbours - take that cute neighbour a look book! I've also sent flyers around my neighbourhood and booked a show!
  • Clubs - running clubs, book clubs - these are perfect groups!
  • Do you have kids or have friends who love kids? Offer to do a 'Mommy and Me' style session. Have a quick 1-hour Saturday or Sunday morning show - kids can come!

-Send a tote of jewels, look books and order forms with a friend to work for a few days and ask her to collect orders. It only takes 2 orders totally $200 for her to start earning product rewards.

-Take jewels to YOUR workplace and set up at lunch time. Send an office email and ask the women (and men!) to stop by for 45-minutes of style. Tell the men you can offer suggestions for their wives, girlfriends, daughters, etc. Raffle off the hostess rewards for everyone who orders.

-Go through order forms of past customers and CALL EVERYONE and ask how they are liking their jewellery. Simple customer service follow-up. As you're chatting, bring up the new collection (mention the bags!) and tell her you'd love to style a session for her and her girlfriends.

-If you're fresh out of leads, it's time to make some new ones! Think about the salon or spa you go to, your doctor's and dentist office, your gym and yoga studio, and the wine bar you frequent. Attend a networking event - when I have NO leads, I always go to a networking event to get some new contacts.

How to book a show!

So you've made your big list. Now what?

Warmly offer the trunk show opportunity to everyone on your list:

  • Send out warm-up emails to your prospective hostesses
  • Set up a 'Power Hour' to call or text everyone you sent an email to in order to seal the deal with your potential hostess. Follow up is the most crucial step!

Use the Words to Say document to help you out. You can access this via your Stylist Lounge here >>

I also strongly suggest that if you're feeling like you have no leads or potentials to check out the Booking from Scratch section in your Stylist Lounge here >>