Green Alternatives


The service area in your home where you cook to feed your family and friends.

Tank Less Water Heaters

To help make your kitchen more Eco-friendly you can install a tankless water heater. Tank less water heaters heat water instantaneously while at the same time being 883 to 93% more energy efficient. This can reduce your annual water heater cost by 50%.
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In your kitchen you use all types of paper, what you can do to save paper but still have your kitchen supplies is use natural sponges and fiber brushes, green washcloths and Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products to not only protect the planet but keep you and your family safe from exposed chemicals.
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Washing your Dishes the Green Way

When washing your dishes by hand you are letting you water run and wasting a lot of good water. When you put your dishes through the dishwasher you are using 37% less water than if you washed your dishes by hand.
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