Principal's News

Term 3, Week 8

September = footy finals

The election is out of the way, now we just need to end the footy season for some peace. My neighbour over the back fence is obviously a Richmond fan as I have listened to a tirade of expletives this afternoon as I was pulling out weeds in the garden. Hopefully he is now sulking and I won't hear from him for a long time! Commiserations to those whose teams lost and good luck to those that are still going.

Here's something your kids might enjoy!

AFL Trick Shots - How Ridiculous

Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education; because that would mean we had stopped growing. J. H. Gulliver

What else....

  • Team planning .... don't waste a minute of the time that you have to plan your units for Term 4. Be creative, be adventurous, be inspired!
  • Clean it, send it home, put away, throw out. In the next two weeks I want to see classrooms and surrounding areas ship shape and CLEAN. I know that you have lots of art around but we are looking very grubby at the moment.
  • Thanks to Michael, Nicole and Marie who all stood in the rain last week at the Zone sports. You all did a great job! Our kids were great too.
  • Have a good week, keep the energy up!