Battle of Verdun

World War 1 at a turning point

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Battle in a Nutshell

The Battle of Verdun was the longest and one of the bloodiest battles of the great war. So many men fighting and dying for a measly 15 sq mi (25 sq km). The battle was over the capture of Verdun and the forts in the surrounding areas. The casualties are as follows
German casualties: 434,000

French casualties: 542,000

Although these casualties are astonishingly high, This battle can be considered the one of if not the most strategic battles of the war. Verdun nicknamed by the German high command The Gateway to France. Rightfully so given its strategic position. The battle started in February of 1916, with steady German advance. Then in summer the campaign slowed down to a stalemate. At which point the battle became a battle of attrition. Then in June and July over ⅓ of the German garrison was transferred to Northern France, In preparation for the battle of Sommes. Then in September over half the remaining Germans were sent north leaving the the Verdun region vulnerable. In November the British defeated the Germans at Sommes. Which gave the french the perfect time to start the long awaited offensive at Verdun. The Relived many of the besieged forts, and captured thousand of Germans and 117 Artillery guns. With the Loss of so many troops and their equipment. The German high command called for the end of the campaign after 303 days of fighting. The High command also sacked General von Lochow, and General von Zwehl, “for their lack of performance”.


Verdun - The German offensive begins ( February 21 - March 2)

The start of the German attack on the 21

the Left Bank of the river Meuse

Verdun - The Battle of the Flanks

The Bank of the river Meuse (March 6 - May 31)

The Battle of Côte 304 and Le Mort-Homme

Verdun - The Battle for the Forts -

The Bank of the river Meuse ( March 8 - June 23)

The Battle for Fort Vaux

The German and French relieve troops with reinforcements

The French counter attack of Fort Douaumont

The Fall of Fort Vaux

Verdun - The Last German Offensive ( june 23 - October 21)

The first German attack: capture and occupation of Fleury

French defence begin to crumble

The second German attack: the failed attack of Fort Souville

The third German attack: the battle of Fleury

Verdun - The French offensive (November 10 - December 19)

The relief of Knobelsdorf and Falkenhayn

The fall of Fort Douaumont and Fort Vaux

The last French offensive

Fun Fact:

The battle of Verdun, the longest battle of the war lasting 9 months, 3 weeks, 6 days.