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5 Reasons to Jump Start Your Marketing Career Today

Although lesser known, marketing research is one of the fastest growing and most interesting career fields to be in. If you have ever wanted to design a new product, understand why people make buying decisions, influence advertising strategy, or change the layout of your favorite retailer, then marketing research could be the career for you.

- Researchers are respected and valued. Unlike some professions which are disliked (think door-to-door sales or dentists), marketing researchers are valued by both consumers and companies. It is exciting to work in a career where decision makers value your opinion and friends and family actually like what you do.

- Surprisingly strategic. While comfort with numbers is important, the work researchers do is often strategic in nature. A senior marketing research manager at P&G put it this way: after a few promotions, marketing research is just as strategic as any other role in the company. Whether acquiring a new business, expanding to another country, or strategically producing products to meet future needs, marketing researchers are involved in strategic decisions every day.

- Good Work/Life Balance. Many industries these days—manufacturing, health care, and retail—require working on weekends. Marketing research, in comparison, has the mantra “there are no emergencies in marketing research.” In terms of workload, marketing research is known for reasonable hours during the week and no work on weekends. This is possible since most work is done on a project basis, which is less prone to last-minute changes.

- Intellectually stimulating. The vast majority of marketing research jobs do not require a math, statistics, or quantitative background. Instead, the best-paying marketing research jobs simply require that you think critically and communicate your insights to others. You don’t need to be a numbers wizard to be a great marketing researcher.

- A growing field. Marketing research is a booming field which is predicted to grow 41% by 2020 (according to the U.S. Department of Labor). As big data increases and globalization makes businesses more competitive, there will always be a need for marketing researchers to understand consumers, gain insights from data, and influence major business decisions.

Columbia County Marketing Career Fair - Find Your Future in Marketing

Monday, April 18th, 10am-5pm

Evans, GA, United States

Evans, GA

More than 50 employers are expected at a our Marketing Career Fair, and organizers said they’ll be ready to recruit new people on the spot. Part-time and full time entry-level and mid-level sales and advertising positions available. Find your future in Marketing. Event will be held at the Columbia County Amphitheater, located at 7022 Faircloth Drive, Evans, GA 30809. The Columbia County Marketing Career Fair will be held on April, 18, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.