Wanted! Carbon

symbol C and atomic number 6

Wanted for:

Crimes - 1. Combining with oxygen and forming Carbon monoxide (CO) and poisoning people and animals. 2. Causing damage to heart and lungs (carbon black) and 3. Mixing with other elements and forming toxic cyanide.

Today, It is used for fuel, to make plastics and alloys and to make black ink for printers and painting. These are just a few examples.

Living things need carbon to live, grow and reproduce.



Chemical Symbol C

It is from the Latin word "carbo" which means charcoal

Historical names are diamond and graphite

Also known as "ice" or "bling"


Carbon is black. Atomic Mass: 12.0107 amu. Atomic Number: 6. Carbon is a non-metal. It is solid at room temperature.

First arresting officer/Report of First Arrest

Unknown. It was first discovered as charcoal back in prehistoric times.

Last Seen

Group 14: The Carbon Family. It is found most often in underwater sediments and sedimentary rocks.

Known Associates

Carbon often mixes with oxygen, hydrogen, and flourine. When the air or oxygen supply is restricted, incomplete combustion to carbon monoxide, CO, occurs. 2C(s) + O2(g) → 2CO(g)

Warning Label

Carbon is not very dangerous in its pure form but can be when with its allies!