Pop Art Exhibition

fun for everyone!

Our pop art exhibition is coming soon.

come and enjoy a fun day for everyone,there will be three diffrent pop artist peices being shown.The three pop art peices are by Sophie Western,Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. These artist do diffrent types of pop art for example,Andy warhol does alot of paintings of famouse woman which includes Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe.Roy Lichtenstein does alot of comic paintings for comic books. The final pop artist is Sophie Western who does alot of portrate pop art in a unique style.

Pop Art Exhibition

Saturday, Feb. 16th, 10:15am to Monday, Feb. 18th, 3pm

Exeter Phoenix Centre

There will be adult drink served from 7:00pm in the night untill 10:15pm.

Pop art

There will be refreshments thoughout the whole exhibition at a low price and there will be adult drinks in the night served from 7:00pm untill 10:15pm.There will be a guide talking you through one pop art at a time, it will inclued information on the artoist and when the pop art was created.

Pop Art

Our gallary encurages diffrent types of art and not just the simple designs so there is something here for everyone!