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Welcome Back!

We are excited to start the 22-23 school year tomorrow.

At Vanguard, our vision and mission will drive our what, our how, and our why every single day - We will TRANSFORM, ENGAGE, and IMPACT by offering an innovative educational experience for our students, connecting with community, and expanding our sphere of influence.

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Vanguard Traffic Map

Vanguard student drop-off is at the rear entrance of the campus via McKenzie Road. Drivers will circle around the perimeter of the student parking lot to the rear door of the building, drop off or pick up students, and then circle around the perimeter of the parking lot to exit back to McKenzie Road. (See diagram below.) ONLY BUSES will be permitted to use the entrance on Faithon P. Lucas Sr. Blvd. during arrival and dismissal times.

As an alternative, parents may choose to drop off/pick up students in the Mesquite Girls Softball Complex parking lot, located at the intersection of Faithon P. Lucas Sr. Blvd./Mercury Road and McKenzie Road. From this location, it is a short walk to/from the front entrance of the campus.

Traveling SW on Faithon P. Lucas Sr. Blvd:
Drivers will turn right on McKenzie Road and right again on the road behind the Mesquite Girls Softball Complex.

Traveling NE on Mercury Road:
Drivers will turn left on McKenzie Road and right on the road behind the Mesquite Girls Softball Complex.

Vanguard Traffic Map

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Student Parking Pass

Every vehicle parked on campus must be registered with the office and have an approved 22-23 parking sticker. VHS student drivers MUST Park in the designated student parking lot located at the back of the building. Parking stickers will cost $20 each.

To get a parking sticker, follow these steps:
Step 1 - Complete and submit this form. You must have valid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Step 2 - Pay $20 for your parking sticker via cash/check/credit card. Parents can pay with Credit Card through the MISD Online Payment and Registration Portal. Cash and Checks will be accepted by Mrs. Kathman C130.

Parking stickers must be on vehicles by Friday, August 26th!

Bus Information

Morning Pick Up:

Students eligible for transportation to their home campus may catch the bus at the stop that is on the bus route finder: click here:

  • Students who live within walking distance of their home campus ( meaning that they are not eligible for bus transportation to their home campus) will need to be dropped off or walk to the home campus where they will catch and ride the shuttle bus from their home campus to Vanguard.
  • Students riding the shuttle bus from the home campuses will need to be on campus and ready to go by 8:30 am. There are three shuttle buses that will leave from each campus between 8:35 am and 8:45 am. Please do not arrive at the campus expecting to leave on the last shuttle bus as that causes the last bus to be overcrowded.

At the end of the day:

  • Students who are eligible for transportation will take the bus back to the neighborhood stops (referred to as routes).
  • Students who are in the walk zone for their home campus will be dropped off at the home campus high school.

End of the day bus numbers:


Horn Shuttle #9

Horn North Side Routes #28

Horn South Side Routes #36


North Shuttle #38

NMHS Routes #21


MHS Shuttle #10

MHS Routes #3

Poteet Shuttle #35

Poteet Routes #27


West Shuttle #11

WMHS South Routes # 26

WMHS North Routes #40

Student Standardized Dress

Vanguard students are expected to follow MISD standard dress policy.

Dress Policy 2021 (

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Student Device Agreement

Mesquite ISD will loan one device per child each school year. A Chromebook or iPad will be issued to all high school students. Additionally, families who do not have internet access at home may check out one hotspot per family on a first-come first-serve basis. Families must pay the $20 usage fee before a hotspot will be issued.


Usage Fees

Each student receiving a district issued Chromebook or iPad in grades PK-12 will pay a usage fee of $20.00 per device, not to exceed $60.00 for a family. This fee will be paid annually. The $20.00 fee covers insurance and content filtering. Prior to the new school parents will be notified that the payment system is open. Payments can be made online by Credit/Debit Card. The usage fee is not refundable. Instructions for making payments online can be found in the Parent Toolbox on our Mesquite ISD website. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT to show payment for multiple children at other campuses.

Payment of the usage fee is due by Friday, September 2nd, 2022. If the fee is not paid by this time, the device will be remotely reconfigured so that the user may only access education-related resources and websites; other content will be blocked and inaccessible from the device.

Make sure parents have signed the device agreement in Skyward!

MISD 2022-23 District Calendar

Download, save and share the 2022-23 Mesquite ISD District Calendar! Keep up with student holidays, A/B schedule and other important dates this school year and plan accordingly.

Click Here to download a copy of the district calendar!

ALL Mesquite ISD students are now eligible for free breakfast and lunch!

Did you know? No longer do MISD families have to submit an application to qualify for free and reduced meals.

By switching to the Community Eligibility Provision, all Mesquite students are now eligible for free breakfast and lunches. As always, items outside the standard meal will be available for purchase. This includes a la carte items such as chips, bottled water and cookies.

Funds can be added to the student’s account through the School Cafe app or website.

Each school day, campus cafeterias serve students breakfasts and lunches that are USDA-approved and meet the nutritional requirements. Please visit for menus, nutrition information, and allergens.