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As I've been learning about TCIS techniques in training over the last two weeks, one thing keeps popping into my head- the idea of precipitating factors. Precipitating factors are internal or external events or experiences over which we have no control. We carry these things with us whether we realize it or not. What does this have to do with the above message? Our students have things that they must deal with every day that we know nothing about. I know I have beaten this drum before, but as we move out of that beginning of the year "honeymoon period" it becomes even more important to remember. They come to school every day anyway (usually) with a smile upon their face because of you. They know that you will treat them with respect and love and care and almost always give them a clean slate.

Our students exemplify the statement above each and every day. With that said, how many of you know the triggering factors for your students, your colleagues, or yourself? How many of us know the weight that some of our students carry? Think about that and then figure out, on your own, what you can do to find out more about these triggering factors. Knowing them will make every day better for you and our students.

Calendar (AKA Where Will Tim Be This Week?)

Monday, October 19:

  • XFactor organizational meeting w/ students, Library, 2:05

Tuesday, Oct. 20:

  • Wear Pink for breast cancer awareness (voluntary donations collected in homeroom)
  • Math SATM (6-8)/ELA SATM (7, 8)/Science SATM (6-8), 2:15

Wednesday, Oct. 21:

  • Restorative Practices for Youth: Building Relationships in Schools, Juvenile Justice, and Communities, Skidmore College, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Thursday, Oct. 22:

  • TCIS Training Day #3, Moreau ES, 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Friday, Oct. 23:

  • NYSMSA Annual Conference, Honeoye Falls, All Day

Other Important Upcoming Dates:

10/29 - Parent to School Day, 7:30 - 10:30 AM

11/2 - SchoolTool Unlock for end of Quarter 1

11/6 - Quarter 1 Ends

11/10 - Districtwide Go Home Early Drill - MS Dismissal at 1:45 PM

**If you're looking for me, don't forget to check the big calendar hanging on the wall outside of my office. This is the best I can do until someone forcibly implants a GPS device in my forearm.

Links that Spoke to Me This Week:

  • Cardboard Can Save Education - Superintendent Joe Sanfelippo (@joesanfelippofc) talks about how owning the way we demonstrate what we've learned at all levels (including as teachers) has an effect on the process and product.
  • Having The Talk With Your Students - I was just made aware, via Twitter, that it's Digital Citizenship Week this week. These are some good resources for engaging in conversations about this topic at the classroom level, especially as we continue to talk about Act With Respect Always. Follow the discussion on Twitter at #HaveTheTalk and #DigCit

  • Hold the phone: How we interact with our mobile devices and each other - As we continue to talk about what it means to live our lives with, through, and around digital devices, this poignant CNN photography piece was very intriguing. As the artist says, "I'm definitely implicated in this work. I think everybody is."

Staff Share

Adding Google Drive to Your Desktop (Via our #OneNewThing Google Form - Let's keep it going!)

By: Brett Lange

As most of us have moved into the Google ecosystem there is one little nugget that many of us will find helpful that no one has mentioned yet. That is downloading Google Drive onto your Mac or PC. Most people don't know that you can have your Google Drive be mounted in your Finder if your on a mac, or in you Windows Explorer if you are on a PC.

Why would you want to do this? It makes it so you can drag and drop files into your Google Drive just like your Z:drive or any other folder you have on your computer. It really makes using Google Drive much more enjoyable, no more uploading through chrome, or downloading if you want to open something in Word or any other software you might be using.

It is easy to install. All you need to do is go to your Google Drive in Chrome. You will see a little gear in the upper right corner of your page. If you click on it you will see the option "Download Drive" and then you can select "Drive for Mac/PC." This will download the setup file. Open it, log in with your school Google account, and your drive will be in your finder (Mac), or your desktop (PC).

If you are on a Mac you will need to launch it sometimes if you restart your computer, but it really makes using Google Drive as an actual drive on your computer much easier. I highly recommend doing this on your home computer, its like having your z:drive every where without having to go through chrome.

Things I Loved Last Week

  • Our first BLT meeting, 13 faculty members strong and working toward common goals!
  • Watching 7th grade scientists get excited about osmosis by soaking gummi bears in water and then formulate more questions based on their results
  • Our first Parent University of the year where we discussed the importance of adults at home talking with kids about working through conflict, identifying bullying, and not being a bystander
  • Having two students snap a spontaneous #selfie with me at Teen Town Friday night and then having them tell me that I was "going to be famous" when they post the picture on Instagram
  • Seeing all of the Google learning going on in this building
  • Visiting Janeen Gannon's room to see our 8th graders engaged in a learning activity shared with them through Google Classroom

Character Ed Theme

Don't forget about our Act With Respect Always Padlet. There are great ideas about continuing with a theme for the year being tossed around. Add your voice!