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Volume 1/Issue 11- October 18th-22nd

Top Five Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in Math

  1. Create an organized, quiet, and well-lit space where your child can focus.
  2. Make math a family affair by involving your child in the family budget, cooking together, or playing math games.
  3. Encourage conversations and questions about math and search for solutions to problems together.
  4. Support positive thinking by modeling a can-do attitude. Avoid comments such as, “I am not a math person.”
  5. Promote a growth mindset by praising your child for effort and persistence rather than being “right” or “smart.”

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Ideas To Encourage Writing At Home

  • Write about their popular video game or movie.
  • Let them explore their own topics.
  • Encourage them to write about a hobby.
  • Draw words: ex. How would you draw the Moon? How would you draw the word “precious”?
  • Have your child write letters or create a card.
  • Gather some journal supplies.

    Have your child use fun journaling supplies such as fun pens (gel or bright colored pencils), notecards, and notebooks to encourage them to get excited to write. They can also draw their ideas as they describe them in their writing. Writing a journal piece each day can improve writing skills and will allow you to see improvements that have been made.

  • Have them write a song or poem. This a healthy outlet for surging emotions.


11/7- Daylight Savings Time Ends

11/8-11/12- PreACT 7th, 8th and 9th Grade

11/11- Second Term Progress Reports

11/22-11/26- Thanksgiving Holiday Break

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