The Islam religion

The five pillars of Islam

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(The pillar faith) The pillair of faith is where Muslims are allowed to believe on one God only for their rest of thief lives

( The pillar prayer) The pillar prayer is a type category that Muslims pray five time day, their first pray begins at dawn and their fifth pray ends at sun set

(The pillar fasting) the pillar fasting is a day where Muslims can not feed themselves during the day , until late in the night or when that time comes they are able to feed again with bigger plates

(The pillar Almsiving) the pillar Almsiving is when Muslims give appreciation to anyone, Muslims are also able to give money or help when needed

( The pillar Pilgrimage) the pillar pilgrimage is during when the trading Still exist and the Muslims had to wear head to toe white robe at least once in their lifetime

These are all the religious and cultural procedures in order to be (u.s Christian/example/) a Muslim

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