Progressive Presidents

Theodore Roosevelt; The Rough Riding Trust Buster

The Rough Riding Trust Buster and his faithful steed!

Since 1901, the good ole Rough Riding Trust Buster was been breaking up the overreaching trusts through the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and suing J. Piermont Morgan's railroad company, Northern Securities. He went on the offensive as soon as he was in office, regulating the greed of the business world through law suits, bills and aggressive pursuance of justice!

Breaking up the evil schemes of trusts for the good of the nation!

Ida Tarbell; The Exposer

In 1904, The Exposer exposed perhaps one of the greatest dirt piles in the Octotrust's backyard: The History of the Standard Oil Company. The oil monopoly nurtured by John Rockefeller had risen to greatness through illegal and immoral means and the Rough Riding Trust Buster's loyal sidekick had, through painstaking means, gathered evidence and research on the dirty topic. The book that was born from the information changed the idea of the Octotrust forever, allowing for more freedom on the part of the Rough Riding Trust Buster.

Public Enemy #1: The Octotrust

It began as a simple business, but it grew more and more arms as it devoured more and more of the smaller businesses around it; eventually becoming The Octotrust. The top five of the most villainous acts are listed below:

1) It built itself a monopoly, viciously cutting down the helpless, weaker competitors around it.

2) The Octotrust could control the prices for the product it's selling, undercutting the smaller businesses or gauging the people.

3) Supported anti-labor legislation and fought the unions.

4) Controlled many elections through heavy duty fundraising.

5) Put up roadblocks against the free silver movement.

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