Moon Light Man (Book Report)

By:Nicholas light

What is the story about?

this story is about a man coming back from the dead to haunt the two girls and the father

who move into the house he had lived in.

Is this a good book?

yes, This is a great book if you like scary mystery books.Its not scary but it dose sometimes give you goose bumps
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Is this book worth my time?

Yes, it is very worth it. The book is a very exiting book. the book has a little bit of every ting in it. that's why it's a good book.

how old is the book?

this book was published on February 1, 2000 or 16 years ago.


in the book moon light man there are two main characters and 5 other characters.

Jenny joslin

this a the main character in the book moonlight man. she loves her new home but some paranormal things happen. she has to keep it a secret or she will have to again.

Allie joslin

she is the second main character. she is the little sister and dose not know whats going on.

she is not sure about the new house. her big sister helps her come to like the house.


the book moonlight man never says his real name the girls call him dad and daddy.

the girls have to keep the secret about the things that happen when he is not home.

the carpecks

the is a old married couple that have been there ever sense the incident.

the Danners

this is a family that is on and off again. the mom and dad fight all the time.they have a girl that is the same age as jenny. 15 years old