Mrs. Hawker's Newsletter

December 12, 2014

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What's Up in the Classroom

Math- Solving algebraic equations and story problems continues to be the focus in math. Students are really getting good at writing equations to help them solve their problems. They also realize that understanding the inverse operation is helpful to problem solving.

Science- The students are hard at work on their flashlights. They are creating designs that are practical, unique and easy to operate. They will be tested on their knowledge of electrical circuits before Christmas break. Once they are created they have to choose a way to present them to the classroom. This could be a prezi, an iMovie, a skit or a commercial. They will be presenting them next week.

Reading- Inferring meaning is still being worked on. Students will have an assessment by the end of the week to test their skills.

Writing- We finished our first persuasive essay. Each essay starts with an anecdote (short story), question, quote, or interesting statement. Then they introduce their opinion and reasons that will be discussed in the body paragraphs. In each paragraph, students are expected to state their opinion, support it with 3 reasons and 3 explanations for all 3 of the reasons. We are currently working on writing a paper to convince Santa to hire us as elves. Organizers and examples can be found in schoology in the writing course. They are really having fun with this!

MAPS testing

We will do MAPS testing Tuesday and Thursday of next week! We will do reading first on Tuesday and Math on Thursday.

Teacher Reminders and Notes

  • December 23 is our last day of school for this year.
  • No school December 24-January 4.
  • School resumes Monday January 5.
  • The 4th grade teachers are treating the students to 12 days of Christmas gifts! So if you have been hearing the students talk about this, it is true! Check the planner out to see what is offered each day.
  • Each student needs to bring in 1.50 for a special holiday gift. IF a student needs to make two gifts, please bring in 3.00. Thank you!