12 Days of Diva Fabulousness


We applaud you!

It's day 2 of the new year - a wonderful time for all of us to reflect on where we've been and be clear about where we want to go. Many of you joined S&D in 2012 and some of you wonderful women have been on our team for 2-3 years. Whenever you started, take a moment to reflect on the amount of personal growth you've obtained since joining S&D. Think about it - you took a leap of faith and started a business, you stepped outside of your comfort zone and booked trunk shows, styled women and shared the opportunity. Many of you have incorporated S&D with a full time job - whether in the corporate world or mommy world but you've made it happen. Whatever you've done with your business- big or small, you should be proud. Look back with pride and get fired up for 2013 because this is THE YEAR that you will absolutely, positively soar.

Your Day 9 challenge is 3 fold but simple. Do one, two or all three. Your name is entered once for each challenge that you complete. Please post "Day 9" with your challenge information by tomorrow (1/3) by 2pm EST on our 12 Day FB page.

#1 Your challenge is to design a “goal” that makes you feel alive, engaged, and inspired. When your goal speaks to your heart, you are on the right track. As long as the goal means something special to YOU, it’s a good one. A more approachable way to think about goals is to view them as a path that will increase the chances of a desired outcome.Setting a goal or purpose is an effective way to make sure you don’t leave any of your potential on the table. Even a small amount of progress can be the momentum you need to make a change. Chances are, you will be further along...

#2 Reach out to 3 potential Stylists and invite them to listen in to Jessica's prospective call tomorrow. With the extra $100 in free jewelry and the new collection being released next week, this is a fantastic time to join your team. Send them this eventbrite link http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5084728560#

#3 Sign up to attend your local Spring Rally. See and try on the new line and hear about the design inspiration while you re-connect with fellow Stylists and get geared up to book in tight to give your hostesses the extra $50 in hostess credits for trunk shows held by 1/31/13. Check the Events tab in the Lounge for locations/times.

One last thought as we dive into 2013...