Seeking Brand Ambassadors

Profit from Your Passion of Sharing Good Products

The sky is the limit!

Seeking brand ambassadors for a new cosmetics company.

You will gain valuable experience in networking, social media, and sales by sharing the products of a fast growing company. This position is commission based. Brand ambassadors are independent representatives and are the ground crew who promote the company person to person, on social media, and via events.

Representatives earn commissions from the sale of the products. Commissions range from 25-40%, with more bonus and team commissions for leaders who recruit other representatives.

The Demo Kit is approximately $110 including tax and shipping. Your basic marketing materials are provided which will get you started. Training is provided.

National ads in tv and magazine and other forms of extremely unique promotion are provided by the company to support the representatives.

Coast to Coast ... We are the #CEOCrew

We are on a Mission!