How To Make Tiny Teddy Trains

By George


To make the best tiny teddie trains ever!


*Liqorice Albots

*Liquorice Sticks

*Melted Chocolate


*Milky Way Bar

*Tiny Teddy's

*Candy Sticks



*Chopping Board






1.Get the chocolate and put in the microwave,and melt.

2.Take the melted chocolate out of the stove and let it cool of.

3.Put the milky way on the plate.

4.Dip the bottom of the spoon in the melted chocolate.

5.Take some of the chocolate and put on plate.

6.Stick the smarties on the sides of the chocolate.

7.Cut some if the liqorice and put on chocolate standing up.

8.Put the albot liqorice on the back of chocolate train.

9.Stick the teddie behind the liqorice stick and in front of the liqorice albot.