GCCISD Computer Login Instructions

Guide to help assist campuses login new employees

Many campuses are not sure if certain employees get email and computer access. They also have questions on how to help them login.

  • How to find a new hire in the Global Address list
  • Standard Login for New Hires
  • Who is allowed access - Contractor Forms
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to access email from home / Add your picture to email
  • Additional Smore Resources

Search the Global Address list to see if the new employee has an email address

If you don't see one, please make sure their paperwork is complete at Administration, and you can ask the secretary to see if their hire has been complete. The new hire must be in an assignment with a start date and end date. If you do see one, follow the login information below. *It may take a day to get into the Global Address list* email or call me and I can help look them up.
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USERNAME: First Initial, middle initial, 6 characters of last name

Password: Uppercase First Initial, Lowercase last initial, 8 numbers of Birthdate


New Hire: Marybeth Jo Smithson Birthday: July 18, 1999

Username: mjsmiths

Temporary Password: Ms07181999

This will prompt a password change.

New password must be at least 8 characters, Contain three (3) of the following:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Number
  • Special Character

Password can't be your name, and it can't be a previous password.

Email Address is first.lastname@gccisd.net unless there is multiple people with your name.

Who gets access to login to a GCCISD computer?

  • Full-Time Employees
  • Certain Part-Time positions
  • Long Term Substitutes - Start and End date MUST be 5 consecutive days or longer
  • Daily Subs - must have a future date in place
  • Contractors / Vendors must have a contractor form filled out and signed by a campus Principal or Director Form can be found here.

If the user account still doesn't work

Is there a middle initial on their Social Security Card?

Computer login matches TEAMS, and TEAMS matching the name on their Social Security Card.

Try first initial of first name, and then 7 characters of the last name.

Long Term Substitutes

Remember Long Term Subs must be in the system for 5 consecutive days or longer in the same assignment

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  • The UMRA account above will create the morning of 10-13-2015 and will disable 10-30-2015 at midnight
  • Daily subs need to have a future date in TEAMS to allow access
  • Check with your secretary to verify start and end dates if an account is disabled

Daily Substitutes

In order for Daily Subs to get an email account, they have to be in a future sub assignment.

Please go in and add a one-day job into all Daily Sub assignments for the last day of school. See below example.

This will ensure that each daily sub will have an active email account until the end of this year.

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Check Email From Home/Add your picture to Email

Additional Smore Resources

Contact Me With Questions

Brandi Ray - Technology Management Systems