The Prugh Crew

Week of April 29th

Learning Objectives

Spelling Words

school, which, catch, long, been, much, sing, sang, sung, bingo

Word Family: -ng (-ang, -ing, -ung)

Grammar: similes & complete and meaningful sentences


We will continue reading Texas books this week.


We will finish writing our own "Texas version" of a favorite fairy tale. Later in the week we will create our own version of "There was an Old Lady who Swallowed A Fly" using Texas symbols.


Students will represent, compare, and order numbers to 120 using place value.

Science & Social Studies

We will continue to learn all about our great state this week! Students will explore Texas symbols, as well as learn about the Texas motto and anthem.



Monday - Science Store Opens

Tuesday, April 30th 1pm Generous George Assembly (Texas Legends)

Friday, May 3 - Mav Fan Jam (April) 8:15am

Moby Math & iStation

Moby Math Link - 30 minutes per week

username: first and last initial

password: bluefish

iStation - 30 minutes per week

You will need to download iStation to your home computer.