Band Hall is New Home for Students

A Band Director's Quest for Maximum Practice Time

An Outsider's Look into the World of Band By: Kenzie Grogan

In an attempt to utilize all hours of the day efficiently for practicing, Wildcat High School is now making its students move into the band hall. Kids will now have every minute of their free time to rehearse their music for band class. The kids now sleep in sleeping bags that stay in their lockers during the day in their respective sections area. With a small kitchen in the director's quarters, and two bathrooms, the kids have little reason to ever leave.

When asked why they decided to transition into a 24 hour band hall, the Head Director said, "We felt like the kids weren't using all the time they had to practice their instruments, and overall needed to be 200% committed to the program." He also told us that he observed other extracurricular programs requiring their students to move in as well, and felt that it was the obvious next step for ultimate success. "The soccer team and drill team moved in last week to their locker rooms, and already the whole school has seen an increase in their performance levels, I guarantee we'll be next."

After speaking to the director about the new system, we went to the parents. One mom of a percussionist told us that, "The kids are always at the band hall anyway, so I didn't have a problem with my daughter moving in." Another parent told us that "it doesn't seem like much has changed" because of the hours they previously were required to be there. And, the kids are allowed to go home once a weekend, which is plenty of time to maintain a healthy relationship with family and outside-of-band friends.