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Greatest Accomplishmant of all time

It was almost time my heart was pounding. The music came on as a slowly decended into the crowd. This was it the fear fest we have been preparing for the howl of October. I remember that very first day we were vicously working on our first draft working out kinks and bugs. That was when i felt it the pressure that would come from this but then i felt it again this would also help me conquer my fear. Preforming before 100 people literally. From then on we worked on our magical fearful parody. When the decision was made that we would go on the pressure was coming over me more and more each day. As we kept rehearsing until the last day I was more and more freaked. Once our group had rehearsed in front of the class many times i was feeling much better. This brings us to the begining of the story the music came on and I stepped out into the darkness of the crowd. AFF AKA after fear fest i really liked it was always okay because i had a great time and found my self to be fearless.

The challange

It was a exausting night of juggling loads of homework on top of staying ahead in science fair. Paper after paper is due so quickly when suddenly it hits me the REVIEW OF LITERATURE. I feel like it has all come to an end even though i finished 1 paragraph the total is a dreded 3-5 page long paper. I feel I have done a good job on the 1st paragraph there is still way more what shall i do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ???????????????????????????

The goal of the future

  • the all time goal is 100% a's so i can be :)
  • this is important because if i do i can get a free 1 scoop sundae at margies :)
  • Yes i will because i must get ice-cream :)

Stay happy

onother genious trick

It's just funny

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