Sophmore ACT "ASPIRE" Testing

Friday, May 1, 2015

About the test...

ACT Aspire—a product of ACT--is the first online assessment system to fully connect student performance from elementary grades through high school. ACT Aspire will provide educators and parents with the insights they need to help students get and stay on track by linking teaching and learning. ACT Aspire includes assessments that measure how much students have learned over time, as well as assessments that help educators better understand students' learning needs. The results will inform teachers about students' progress toward specific learning standards, so they can better tailor their instruction and resources to help students learn.

What the test looks like...

Test 1 / English / 40 minutes
Test 2 / Math / 65 minutes
*** 15 minute BREAK ***
Test 3 / Reading / 60 minutes
Test 4 / Science / 55 minutes
Test 5 / Writing / 30 minutes

Arrival time...

*All Liberty Academy Sophomores will take the ASPIRE AT LIBERTY ACADEMY on Friday, May 1st.
*Students should arrive for school at their usual time (by 8:20am) and report to Mrs. Augustine's classroom on first floor.
*Please EAT BREAKFAST PRIOR TO COMING to school as students will be testing during our normal breakfast cart time.
*ACT ASPIRE testing will begin at 8:30am SHARP. No late arrivals will be admitted.

What to bring to the test...

*Your LAPTOP and CHARGER--this is a computer based test
*A SNACK if you want to eat during your 15 minute break

What you CAN'T bring to the test...

*You are NOT allowed to use cell phones or any other electronic devices OR have them in your possession at any time. THIS INCLUDES DURING BREAKS. Because of this, cell phones will be shut off and collected as you enter the room.

More things to know...

*You cannot talk during the test.
*Laptops must stay in the room throughout the testing day--including during breaks.

After the test is over...

We will finish the school day like normal.