Pre-Ap Algebra 1

Domain and Range, Slope, X-intercept and Y-intercept

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Domain and Range


Other terms used when reffering to Domain-

  • X-value
  • X- axis
  • Imput (Independent Variable- choose)


  • Other terms used when reffering to Range-
  • Y-value
  • Y-axis
  • Output(Dependent Variable- depends on X)


Slope intercept form:

Y= slope+x+y-intercept

* remember to start graphing at the y- intercept

4 Types of Slope

They're four types of Slopes.

  • Positive Slope, both the rise and the run are going in the same direction.
  • Negative Slope, either one of the rise or run goes in one direction and the other in the opposite.
  • Zero Slope, there is no slope. (horizontal)
  • Undefined Slope, the slope is undefined. (vertical)

X-Intercept and Y-Intercept

X-Intercept is the independent Variable

Y- Intercept is the dependent Variable