Ben Malatestas Portfolio

Ceramics 1

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The Blu Shu!

Artisit Statement - The Blu Shu!

I created "The Blu Shu" because as a kid converse were all you would find on my feet. My life long dream as a child was to drink out of a shoe and now i made it a possiablity. I decided to make the assistance loop big enough to use as a handle for more convience with drinking out of the cup itself.
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The Flower POT

Artist Statement - The Flower POT

I decided to make my coil pot in this shape because it reminds me of the triditional coil pot and i have always liked that coil pot design. I enjoyed making this coil pot through the technique in which was making coils and layering then apon each other in a sequence.
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Critique #1 - John DeWeese Pottery


This is a unsuccessful peice of artwork beacuase of its lack of attention it gets. This peice is just mainly form. It seams to some type of pot with a handle that looks as it was chewed up by a dog.
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Critique #2 - Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild - 'Free'


This peice of art repersents a african american slave who seems to be tied up. this artwork is all Bronze no other color the form is very detiled in the body. i think this art work is successful and shows the history of african americans.