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News You Can Use- July 28, 2020

Stripling Re-opening Important Updates

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Dear Stripling Elementary School Families,

On Wednesday August 12th, Stripling will begin the 2020-21 school year with all students engaged in Digital Learning. Our faculty and staff is committed to the success of all our students, and we are looking forward to an exceptional and unique learning experience for all students. We have continued to improve our Digital Learning structures, processes, expectations, and practices over the summer. These improvements will help us meet the academic as well as the social and emotional needs of our students. Please know that we are thrilled to welcome approximately 700 students this year. We are excited about the personalized and unique learning experiences that we will offer each student this year!

Proud to be your principal,

Dr. Chisel Valdez

Open House- Meet your Teacher

Meet your Teacher is scheduled for Friday, July 31 virtually for all grade levels.

Meet Your Teacher Day will look much different than in previous years to ensure the safety of our families and staff. All students and families will have the opportunity to attend a virtual Meet your Teacher session (see below for schedule).For the virtual meetings, the homeroom teacher will call you with specific information on how to login and join the meeting.

Virtual meetings for ALL students K-5

1st Grade 7:30-8:30

2nd Grade 8:30-9:30

3rd Grade 9:30-10:30

4th Grade 10:30-11:30

5th Grade 11:30-12:30

Kindergarten 1:30-2:30

Pre-K 2:30-3:30

UPDATE- Kindergarten Families and Families New to Stripling Elementary

During the week of August 3, individual in-person meetings will be scheduled for all Kindergarten students and families new to Stripling Elementary. Your child's homeroom teacher will contact you to schedule an individual appointment beginning on July 29, 2020. Only one parent and the child is allowed to attend the meeting. All who enter the building MUST wear a mask.

Look out for additional emails from Stripling Elementary and check our website for more information as we approach Monday, August 3, 2020.

Technology- Devices, Internet Access, & Other Materials

Access for students (devices & internet) in the digital platform is important as more students engage in the digital learning resources.

* Each child will need his/her own device in order to fully participate in digital learning.

* For those identified families in need, a device distribution was developed using the same process as in the Spring. If additional devices are needed with multiple students in one household, please notify your child's teacher. Please keep in mind we have a limited number of Chromebooks for checkout to families based upon need.

All parents that need a laptop and/or internet access, should complete the following survey no later than July 31, 2020.

Device and material distribution is scheduled for Tuesday, August, 11,2020. Please follow the schedule below.

Device and Material Distribution

7:45-8:15 5th Grade

8-30:9:00 4th Grade

9:15-9:45 3rd Grade

10:00-10:30 2nd Grade

10:45-11:15 1st Grade

11:30-12:15 Pre-K/Kindergarten

Directions for Device/Material Distribution

Parents/students place a paper in the windshield of the vehicle with the student first and last name/grade/teacher. Use a bold marker to write the information so it is visible.

School personnel will place the bag in the trunk/hatch of the car or back seat.

Students and parents are not allowed out of the car. No students or family members will be permitted to exit their vehicle or congregate with others. This will be strictly enforced for the safety of all. Our distribution will take place in the bus lane.


Registration for the 2020-2021 School Year is by appointment only. If you need to set an appointment for enrollment or withdrawal, please contact Karla Bustillo at 770-582-7579.

Information regarding our enrollment process can be found on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. How will I know who my child’s teacher is? Homeroom teachers will contact parents on 7/29 and 7/30. During this time, homeroom teachers will introduce themselves and provide information regarding accessing their links for our Virtual Meet Your Teacher sessions Friday, July 31, 2020.

2. What will digital learning look like in the Fall of 2020? - Teachers will provide both live (synchronous) and recorded (asynchronous) lessons and independent work. This means that students will be required to participate in digital learning beginning at 8:30 AM each day. Students should plan to both follow the schedule with their teachers (synchronous learning), and also complete activities and assignments (asynchronous learning) on their own time to meet assignment deadlines.

3. How will grades be calculated? - All digital courses will have the same grading policies and practices as the in person version of the course. Each week, there will be graded assignments that will be included in the gradebook. The grading will NOT be like last spring.

4. Will attendance be taken during digital learning classes? - Yes, attendance will be taken daily.

5. Is the student code of conduct still in effect for remote students? - The student discipline code of conduct is still applicable for students during digital learning.

6. Does that mean students will be expected to be in front of a computer for six-plus hours a day? - It is not likely that students would be online in live classes the entire school day. However, since teachers will be at their schools during school hours it is safe to assume most digital instruction will occur during that time. Based on feedback from the spring, we are encouraging teachers to conduct more live (synchronous) lessons. Platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams may be used for these sessions. Other assignments may include recorded videos or independent work, which can be done any time during the day. We believe the use of a variety of instructional methods will be best for students. However, teachers will not be expected to continue instruction after school hours.


Visitors will be limited. To the start year off, volunteers, parent language classes, etc. are canceled until further notice. Visitors are required to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines for the safety of students and staff. Parents needing to come to the building to register or withdraw their child, should call to make an appointment


Your child's teacher will advise on the necessary supplies. Any necessary materials to support instruction will be provided to students during materials distribution on Tuesday, August 11, 2020.

Cafeteria: Breakfast and Lunch

There will be more information to come on the breakfast and lunch plans.

Currently-All students will be charged for their meals based on their current eligibility status (Free, Reduced, or Full Pay). As a reminder, SY20 student eligibility carries over for the first 30 days of school. Please be sure to completed the lunch eligibility form prior to the 30 days. Use the link below to apply online.

Parent Support- Parents, we want to partner with you!

Please know our faculty and staff is here for you and your child!

•Be on the lookout for Parent Seminars and emails with information to help you and your student.

•The updated GCPS Parent Portal, rolling out in August, will make it easier for parents to see assignments, including missing ones. It also will allow parents to access student information, including gradebook data, discipline, report cards, transcripts, calendars, and more. Please sign up.

Signing up for the Parent Portal is important for staying connected. Please contact us if you do not have access.