by kyle davis

What is perseverance ?

Perseverance means to keep going and don't give up. Stop at nothing. DON’T back down. Never QUIT fighting. Perseverance means to try and not give up. Many quotes have been made about perseverance. “You need perseverance to overcome adversities”. An example is when I run and it is hard and my leg feels sore. It means be strong and brave and get back up on your feet and never give up. It means keep moving and going and never lose. Perseverance means staying positive and not being negative. Perseverance means believing in yourself.

Harriet Tubman and Homer P. Figg

Homer Figg saved his brother. He kept trying to help people out. He kept going to help find his brother. Harriet Tubman helped slaves. She was a hero to save all those people. Harriet helped people to get to safety in the underground railroad. Harriet and Homer both tried to save people. They both helped slaves and became heros. They both had nicknames. Homer was named Pig Boy and Harriett was named Moses.