Four Healthy Pregnancy Tips

1.) Grow a Brighter Baby

It is important to choose the right fat for your baby because the babys brain is mostly made up of 60% fat. It is proven that pregnant women who consume seafood or Omega-3 fish oil supplements have a higher chance of increasing their babys intelligence.

2.) Feed on Super Foods

Eating healthy throughout the day is really important for the pregnant mom and the child. Eating healthy holds back pregnancy related negative effects like reflux, constipation, and low blood sugar. It is recomended to eat mainly fish, nuts, eggs, avocadoes, yogurt, greens and oatmeal. 

3.) Be Active

Being active by going on jogs and excercising is really healthy for the mom and the baby. It proven that women who exercise during pregnancy go through less pain while giving birth.

4.) Consider Laboring in Water

Resarch shows that water releases muscle tension and saves energy for where it’s needed, which is your uterus. Soaking your body in a warm tub of water, soothes your mind, reduces stress hormones, and lets your body’s natural relaxing and pain relieving hormones to take over.