1.Clothing in the Middle Age

Clothing was very important in the Middle Ages!

2. Middle Ages

Middle Ages are a thousand-year period that followed the fall of Rome.

2. Clothing

Clothing is a covering.


The women wore flowing gowns with elaborate headwear, ranging from headdresses shaped like hearts or butterflies to tall steeple caps and Italian turbans.


The men in the wealthy classes sported hose and a jacket, sometimes with a pleating or skirting, or a tunic with a surcoat.

4. Statement 1

St. Benedict stated that a monk's clothes should be plain but comfortable and they were allowed to wear linen coifs to keep their heads warm. The Poor Clare Sisters, an order of Franciscan nuns, had to petition the Pope in order to be permitted to wear woolen socks. (Learner.org)

4. Statement 2

Most of the holy orders wore long woolen habits in emulation of Roman clothing.

5.What did women wear?

5. What did holy orders wear?

7.The women's clothing reminds me of what queens would wear.

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