by Grace Gough

Ecuador 101

Capital: Quito

Location: Country lies on the equator bordering Colombia, Peru, and the Pacific Ocean

Rivers: Daule, Pastaza, Napa, Coca, Mira, Esmeraldas, and Zamora

Mountains: Andes

Languages: Spanish and Kichwa

Population: 14,306,876 People

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Flag of Ecuador


Ecuadorians use the same currency as the U.S. so $1 Ecuadorian is $1 U.S.
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Ecuadorian Cuisine

Some of the most popular foods in Ecuadorian Cuisine are...

Ceviche (shrimp, lemon, onions, and herbs) , Guayaquil (rice, beans, and grilled beef) , Encocodos (coconut sauce dishes) , Plantain (starchie, fat bananas), and Yuca (fruity shrub)

Tourist Sites


The Ecuadorian Government is quite similar to ours. They elect a President, and have different branches in their government.
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~All children must attend school until they achieve the basic level of education.

~Have several public schools for children

~61 Universities

~majority went to school and stayed after the requirements