The Voice of Raleigh Park - October 15, 2018

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Raleigh Park Continues to AMAZE!

Hello Tigers!

Rain or shine, the Raleigh Park Jog-a-Thon never ceases to amaze, with sincere gratitude to Jog-a-Thon Chairwoman, Maureen McGrain! While Maureen would be the first to admit an undertaking of this magnitude takes an army of willing and dedicated volunteers, like much of what we do at Raleigh Park, it is not possible without someone to take ownership and lead the way. One of the biggest assists came from our very own Mrs. Wilson. Whether it was planning, motivating students for the big day, or embracing the role of emcee and cheerleader, Mrs. Wilson’s efforts in creating enthusiasm around fitness and movement are a gift to our school. All said, the time, talent and treasure openly given in support of Raleigh Park is truly amazing and inspiring to behold!

This is a reminder that October's PTO meeting will be held tomorrow morning (October 16) at 8:30am. I appreciate the PTO's desire to diversify the times they meet so as to reach as broad of audience as possible. I hope to see you there!

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will be here before you know it! Face-time with our teachers is scarce, and I hope this opportunity proves to be valuable for mutual understanding about your child’s growth as a learner and your goals and aspirations as we move forward in the school year. If you have not done so already, please use the linked "button" below to access available conference times.

As a reminder, the schedule for the week of October 22-26 is as follows:

  • Monday, October 22: Normal school day, 8:25a - 3:00p
  • Tuesday, October 23: Normal school day, 8:25a - 3:00p
  • Wednesday, October 24: Students attend, with early release dismissal @ 1:30p. Conferences 3:40p - 8:00p
  • Thursday, October 25: NO STUDENTS - Conferences 8:00a - 8:00p
  • Friday, October 26: NO STUDENTS - School Closed

Also, the Raleigh Park Book Fair will run Monday - Thursday of that same week. A great opportunity to find a book (or two) for the long weekend!

Attendance Matters

When it comes to attendance, every day matters. According to the Oregon Department of Education, more than one in six students in chronically absent. Chronic absenteeism means a student misses 10% or more school days; that’s about two days per month.

Regular attendance will help children do well in elementary school, secondary school, college and at work. According to the Attendance Works Organization, by 6th grade, absenteeism is one of three signs that a student may drop out of school. By 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor of graduation rates than 8th grade test scores.

Attendance habits are set as early as the very first week of the school year, but it is never too late to start building good attendance habits. As a parent, you can help by establishing a regular bedtime and morning routine. You can also avoid medical appointments during school hours, as well as extended trips when school is in session.

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Erin's Law & Health Education

Below is a parent letter regarding Senate Bill 856, also know as Erin's Law. An important part of the recently adopted health curriculum in the Beaverton School District is to help children with personal body safety and abuse prevention. As the letter explains, the lessons are available on the website www.fightchildabuse.org.

The Beaverton School District is holding a series of (3) Community Health Education K-12 Informational nights, noted below; all meetings will cover the same content.

It is important to note our staff is just beginning this very important training, gaining familiarity with this curriculum. Moving forward, instruction for your students is scheduled between February and May 2019. Parents will be notified by their classroom teacher prior to instruction. For additional information, you may learn more using the following links:

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Lost & Found

With the recent weather, I hope you have enjoyed all that makes autumn in Oregon the best there is (and then some). Yet, we know the weather will inevitably change. As we start to dress and bundle for the impending dark, wet and cold of winter, please remember to label all coats, hats, gloves and scarves with your child’s name. Because of the variety of clothing items, you might imagine autumn is also a time of proliferation in our Lost & Found. Jackets, coats and sweatshirts worn during cool mornings are shed during the day on our playground. If you're wondering why some clothing hasn't made it home, our Lost & Found may be a good place to start...

Too sick?

One regrettable byproduct of this time of year is the cold and flu season. Please see the “Too Sick For School?” flyers below, outlining the essential look-for’s when contemplating whether to send your children to school.

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Social Media @ The Park

f you are a "grammer," start following raleigh_park_ibworldschool and share it with our school families via your website, newsletters, or daily emails. This Instagram account is linked with our school's Twitter account, @RaleighPark_BSD. Thanks for following and spreading the word!

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Proceso de solicitud de ingreso para las escuelas opcionales del 2019-2020 / Option School Application Process for 2019-2010

El tiempo de la solicitud ha cambiado para el año escolar 2019-2020. Se ha reducido el tiempo del sorteo para que las solicitudes a una segunda consideración estén disponibles antes. Esto les permitirá a los estudiantes más tiempo para trabajar en sus solicitudes y las escuelas tendrán más tiempo para revisarlas.

El Distrito Escolar de Beaverton es reconocido a nivel nacional por el alto rendimiento estudiantil y sus programas innovadores. Los estudiantes de Beaverton en los grados 6-12 tienen la oportunidad de investigar las diferentes opciones de aprendizaje que mejor se adapten a sus necesidades académicas. Los estudiantes pueden elegir la escuela que les corresponde por su domicilio o solicitar ingreso a una de las varias opciones de aprendizaje. Se proporciona transporte.

Las solicitudes para el año escolar 2019-2020 estarán disponibles a partir del lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018. Asista a una o más de las reuniones informativas disponibles. Los estudiantes solo pueden seleccionar una de las opciones en su solicitud, por lo que le recomendamos informarse en línea sobre las diferentes opciones.

Todos los interesados deben residir dentro de los límites del Distrito Escolar de Beaverton. A partir del 15 de octubre, los estudiantes inscritos en el Distrito Escolar de Beaverton pueden inscribirse en línea usando su número de identificación de estudiante. Los estudiantes residentes que actualmente no están inscritos en una escuela de Beaverton, deberán llenar una solicitud en papel paper application disponible en línea o en cualquier oficina escolar a partir del 15 de octubre de 2018. Considere cuidadosamente su elección de escuela. Una vez que haya enviado su solicitud, no se permitirán cambios.

Las solicitudes se deben recibir en las Oficinas Administrativas del Distrito Escolar antes de las 4:00 p. m. del viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2018 (hora estándar del pacífico).


Línea de información: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

Nuevas fechas importantes para la solicitud de ingreso a los programas opcionales

Lunes, 15 de octubre de 2018 ------- Están disponibles las solicitudes de ingreso para el año escolar 2019-2020.

Viernes, 7 de diciembre de 2018 ------- Las solicitudes deben presentarse antes de las 4:00 p.m. PST (hora estándar del pacífico).

Miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2018 ------- Se lleva a cabo el sorteo electrónico para el año escolar 2019-2020.

  • Las notificaciones que fueron aceptados o en lista de espera se enviarán por correo electrónico.
  • Los estudiantes que no fueron seleccionados en el sorteo recibirán por correo electrónico una solicitud para una segunda consideración a la escuela que presentaron su solicitud.

Jueves, 10 de enero de 2019 ------- Fecha límite para entregar a las escuelas la solicitud para una segunda consideración.

Miércoles, 30 de enero de 2019 ------- Fecha límite para aceptar o rechazar inscripción, antes de las 4:00 a.m. PST (hora estándar del pacífico).


The application timeline has changed for the 2019-2020 school year. The lottery application phase has been shortened to make Second Consideration applications available earlier. This will allow students more time to work on their applications and schools more time to review them.

The Beaverton School District is nationally recognized for high student achievement and innovative programs. Beaverton students in grades 6-12 have the opportunity to investigate learning options that best fit their academic needs. Students can choose their neighborhood school or apply for one of a number of learning options. Transportation is provided.

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available starting Monday, October 15, 2018. Please plan to attend one or more of the open houses that are available. Students may only select one option on their application, so do some early investigation of the options online.

All applicants must reside within the Beaverton School District boundaries. Beginning October 15, current Beaverton School District students are able to apply online using their student ID. Resident students not currently attending a Beaverton school, or who do not have Internet access, will need to complete a paper application available online, or at any school office beginning October 15, 2018. Please give careful consideration to your choice of school. Once an application has been submitted, no changes will be allowed.

Applications must be received no later than Friday, December 7, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. (PST).


Information Line: 503.356.4440 • FAX: 503.356.4415

New Options Application Timeline

Mon., October 15, 2018 ------- Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will be available.

Fri., December 7, 2018 ------- Applications due no later than 4:00 p.m. PST.

Wed., December 12, 2018 ------- Electronic Lottery conducted for the 2019-20 School Year.

  • Acceptance or wait pool notifications will be sent via email.
  • Students who are not selected via the lottery will be emailed a Second Consideration application for the school for which they applied.

    Thurs., January 10, 2019 ------- Second Consideration applications due to schools.

    Wed., January 30, 2019 ------- Deadline to accept/decline enrollment – by 4:00 p.m. PST

    10:00 a.m. PST

    Portland State University's Community Counseling Clinic brings a low-cost specialty clinic to the Beaverton community

    The Beaverton Tuesday Night Counseling Clinic specializes in working with children, adolescents, and families. Counselors are students in PSU's Department of Counselor Education, with advanced training in child and adolescent counseling, human development, and family systems. Counselors are supervised by highly experienced and nationally-recognized faculty, with expertise in child development, play therapy, issues facing adolescents, school mental health, and more.

    The Beaverton Community Counseling Clinic is open every Tuesday night during the school year. It is conveniently located on the Beaverton High School Campus in the Merle Davies Building adjacent to the main campus. Individuals interested in accessing services for their children or families can contact the PSU Community Counseling Clinic at 503-725-4620 and request the services of Beaverton's Tuesday Night Clinic.



    • 16 - PTO Meeting, 8:30a
    • 17 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 19 - Jog-A-Thon Awards Assembly
    • 22 - 25 - Book Fair
    • 24 - RPTV, 8:40a
    • 24 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 24 - Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:00 - 8:00p
    • 25 - NO SCHOOL - Parent/Teacher Conferences
    • 26 - SCHOOL CLOSED
    • 31 - Passport Club, 8:00a
    • 31 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 1 - Community Meeting, 8:40a
    • 7 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 9 - NO SCHOOL - Grading Day
    • 12 - NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Holiday
    • 13 - PTO Meeting, 7:00p
    • 14 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 15 - 3rd Gr Music Program, 6:30p
    • 16 - Picture Re-Take Day
    • 21 - 23 - NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break
    • 28 - Passport Club, 8:00a
    • 28 - Early Release, 1:30p
    • 30 - RPTV, 8:40a