Figure Skating

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Figure Skating's Information


Figure Skating is a sport of Ice Skating in figures and choreographed dancing .Figure Skating today is now in the Olympics.To figure skate,you must be able to balance on skates,and have very good posture.There are men and women that can go as pairs to compete in the Olympics.Ice Skating is a very competitive but a fun sport to play in.Becoming a figure skater takes a lot of practice and excersising.You must have determination because in the beginning,you'll fall or make mistakes but the more you practice the more you'll get better each day.


Dates and Times:

Date:February 6

Time: 9:30


Names of the U.S Athletes:

  • Nathan Barthalomay
  • Simon Shnapr
  • Evan Bates
  • Charlie White
  • Alex Shibutani


Interesting Facts:

  • In the 19th century,skates were made of animal bones
  • They trained like prize fighters!
  • They kept pushing themselves to the maximum limit
  • A 150 pound male skater can land a jump as much as a one year old elephant
  • Skating can be done with 12-24 skaters

The Equipment:

  • Custom-made boots made of thick,stiff leather,with extra laces,and wide tongues


  • Figure Skating started as far back in the 1908
  • Figure Skating included in the Olympics in London
  • First Russian to win in Figure Skating was Nikolai Paninkolomenkin
  • Figure Skating was developed by Peter I
  • When Peter died,Figure Skating's population decreased and was forgotten
  • Figure Skating became the most popular sport in Russia