Multimedia 1.01 1.02 1.03

Amanda S. Elana C. Jolie L. Savannah F. Allison S.


Serif has attributes or strokes at the tips. It is used for the body of text on newspapers.

Sans Serif have no attributes or strokes at the tips of the letters. Used on headings, captions, and tables.

Ornamental/Decorative is designed strictly to catch the eye. It is used on headlines and flyers.

Script appears to have been handwritten. It is used in invitations.


Alignment - alignment of elements in a pattern or a grid.

Symmetrical - elements of the design are centered on evenly divided both vertically and horizontally.

Asymmetrical - off-centered alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements.

Radial - with radial designs the elements radiate or swirl around in a circular path.

Contrast - the use of big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles.

Proximity/Unity - grouping elem ents to demonstrate their relationship to each other.

Repetition/Consistancy - repeat the same aspect of the design throughout the entire layout.

White Space - negative or space empty and can be any color.


DTP elements include art, balloon, bleed, caption, dropped cap, running headlines/footers, jumplines, pull quote, rules, sidebar, text box, watermark, end mark, and reverse text.