Caddo Indians

By: Cade Faragher

Gulf Coastal Plains

The Caddo Indians lived in the Gulf Coastal Plains Region.


They ate corn, beans and other crops. They hunted deer and gathered other things like berries and nuts.

How Their Food Was Obtained

They would send out groups of hunters and they would go hunt buffalo at a certain time in the year.

Type of Dwelling They Lived In

They would make Tee pee shaped houses covered with cane.

Weapons and/or Tools They Used

They used stone axes to cut down trees and bow and arrows to hunt

Special Traditions They Had and/or Religion

One of the special traditions the Caddo Indians had was they would build big mounds of dirt and bury the dead and artifacts in the dirt.

Organization of Leadership

The leaders of their villages was called the Caddi. The village elders were below the Caddi.

Location of Where They Live Now

Many of them were moved to what is now Oklahoma. Many of them still live in Oklahoma today.

Unique Fact or Characteristic

Corn was the most important crop to the Caddo Indians because they used it for food and to make flour