Old Town Star Staff News

February 10 , 2014- February 21, 2014

Our Next Week...

Monday, February 10

Mya’s Coaching Day

SST Mtgs. 3-5

RJ Palacio Presentation Field Trip 10:45-1:00pm

Tuesday, February 11

Minor’s Coaching Day

Picture orders due today

Mya’s off campus – Principal’s Mtg.

Art Club trip to Blanton Museum 9:00-11:30am.

Wednesday, February 12

Mya’s Coaching Day

1/2 Day Planning 5th Grade AM & 3rd grade PM

PTA Staff Luncheon (during your lunch time)

Faculty Mtg. EB Rule #2 (3rd Gr.), Strategic Thinking

Happy Birthday Sherrie Robinson

Thursday, February 13

ARD Mtgs (separate schedule)

Happy Birthday Amanda Chadney!

Friday, February 14

No SST Mtgs.

Mya’s Off Campus AM (HB 5 Task Force Meeting)

CAT Mtg 8:50am

Classroom Valentine’s Day Parties

Weekly Reminders...

  • Ensure that all students arrive to Special Classes on time as Specials teachers have a lot to teach/cover in a short amount of time (ie PBL projects, Fitnessgram testing)
  • Take time to "audit" your learning displays and bulletin boards to ensure they are up-to-date with what you are currently teaching!
  • Be sure you are reinforcing positive behavior with the red Star Tickets and making time to take your students to the Star Store to spend those hard earned tickets!!
  • Share an affirmation or two for your colleagues in the staff lounge!
  • Be a part of Old Town's Emergency Tree by texting @oldtow to 972.382.9004
  • Check out our Professional Learning and Events Calendar regularly as revisions/additions are made often...http://goo.gl/u8peV

PBL Management Tip of the Week!

Allow for Voice and Choice in Products Voice and choice will allow students to use their strengths -- from artistic to techie -- in a project. It will help keep them engaged by honing their ways of knowing and showing that knowledge. Give them options of choice in the group and/or individual product, and be sure to allow their voice to shine in the project. It will keep them invested and engaged.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” -Plutarch

Be better than you were yesterday. Jon Gordon, The Energy Bus

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself~John Dewey

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Lori Mustain, star 4th Grade Teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week receiving the most nominations! You are entitled to a week long jeans pass and designated parking!

Her colleagues write:

  • Lori has such a kind heart and gentle soul-not to mention she's a phenomenal teacher. She always gives 100% to her kids and always shows her personal best :)
  • She is always looking for ways to help others, even conferencing after school. I know she cares about her own class, but also cares that other teachers are successful too!
  • I had a great conversation with a student this week about how much Ms. Mustain has inspired him as a writer. I appreciate Lori's talent for reaching young writers.
  • I appreciate Lori's positive attitude. She goes out of her way to be kind and encouraging to others, and she's a remarkable teacher.

BIG THANKS to our Family Math Night Special Committee for another smooth running and fun event! It was so awesome to see so many families engaging in math games with their children! Thank each of you for your patience in getting all of our Texans through the photo shoots!

As always, thank each you for your hard work in striving to deliver world class instruction to our star Texans! Remember to post an affirmation or two for your colleagues in the staff lounge and have an awesome weekend!

Eye on the Gifted...

Have you heard about the new trend of "Gamifying" your classroom? Would you like to learn more? Sign up here https://netforumpro.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?Site=TCEA&WebCode=EventDetail&evt_key=28ffd86c-da28-4336-a543-3ab593fdb9e1 for a free webinar hosted by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented.

Professional Resource of the Week!

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The Week After...

Monday, February 17

Mya’s Coaching day

Tuesday, February 18

Minor’s Off Campus AM (AP meeting)

Minor’s Coaching Day

Wednesday, February 19

Mya’s Coaching Day

Character Ed Awards Kg – 2nd 7:45am

Popcorn Day

Disaster/Lock Down Drill 9:00am

Fire Drill 9:15am

SLT Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, February 20

ARD Mtgs (separate schedule)

½ day planning 4th grade (AM) 2nd grade (PM)

Character Ed Awards 3rd – 5th 7:45am

SBAC Mtg 3:15pm

Friday, February 21

SST Mtgs. 3rd – 5th

CAT Mtg 8:50am

Old Town Elementary Mission & Vision...

To highly engage learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." -JFK