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September 19 , 2016

Upcoming events

September 21, 2016-Book Fair at 10:50-11:10

September 28, 2016-Evacuation Drill to Unami 9:15

October 3, 2016-No School Rosh Hashanah

October 5, 2016-Resumes and Essays Due for Student Council Due

Celebrate Education Week-October 10th-14th

October 11, 2016-Elections for Student Council in classroom 1 representative and 1 alternate

October 12, 2016-No School Yom Kippur

October 13, 2016-Generations Interview 2:00-2:45 (I will send an invitation soon, but you and other family members from different generations are welcome mark your calendar)

Building our Knowledge

This section will share with you what we will be doing in our classroom this week. We may not get to everything, but it will allow you to know what skills and strategies we will be working on. Plus, you can have words and ideas to talk to your student about from week to week.


I am thrilled with how much the students are reading. They are choosing books at their level and picking out a variety of reading material. I am excited to see what they will choose from the library today.

This week we will focus on Schema and making connections. Your schema is the filing system in your brain that stores your memories and your learning. It keeps all that you know and all that you have experienced. The students will think about what they have stuck in their schema and then use it to connect to new learning. Every time we learn something new our brain connects it in some way to what we already know.

The students will also make text to text, text to self, and text to world connections.

We will also continue to learn about the different parts of the daily 5. Students this week will be introduced to work on writing. This will be a time of free writing that they can be creative and express themselves in many ways.


We will continue to get ideas this week in our writer's notebook. THey will focus on memories from their own lives and using facts and information to generate new ideas. This year our writer's notebook will be a place to explore writing, share ideas, and develop thinking.

We will be having a writer's notebook fashion show soon to show off the different ways they decorated their notebooks. So much fun to see their personalities come through.


Thank you for supporting them in doing Xtramath 3 times a week at home. I truly appreciate it.

This week in math we are going to focus on elapsed time and making change in small group. In whole group we are going to find differences using the number grid, counting money, and using calculators to help us solve problems.

Next week look for the first math study guide. We will take our first math test sometime next week. I will let you know as we look at how this week goes.


The spelling pattern this week is vowel + constant + silent e.

At home this week, think about other words that would follow this pattern and study the words that you got wrong on your pretest. For Friday you will need to know the frequently misspelled words and the review words for the test.

List words:

1. price

2. cone

3. skate

4. mile

5. spoke

6. erase

7. invite

8. save

9. rule

10. broke

11. excuse

Review Words

12. clock

13. lunch

Frequently Misspelled Words

14. them

15. with


We got CATERPILLARS! The kids had a blast on Friday taking their caterpillars out and letting them crawl on their desks. It was fun to watch them and be real scientists. They took notes and wrote down what they were thinking about them. This week we will continue to observe and record our ideas.

We will also continue to discuss physical and mental growth in humans. The students will learn about multiple intelligences and take a survey to find out what parts of their brain they like to use the most and how they can develop the other parts of the brain.

The last thing we will do this week is to compare the life cycles of different animals. How does a mammals life cycle differ from a reptiles.

Words we will learn this week: offspring, life span, intellectual/mental growth, physical growth.

7 Habits of Happy Kids

We will work our way into the second habit starting with the end in mind. This will be about goal setting. The students need to know how to set goals and to actually achieve them. This will be a habit we focus on consistently in our classroom.

This week we will set short term and long term goals.

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