League of Women Voters

Heaven Gray, Taysha Carter, Melahjane Grady

Womens History Month

Today, were going to be talking about Carrie Chapman Catt. A women who was one of the main leaders supporting women rights/votes during women suffrage. In 1921 some time in febuary carrie was formed at a convetion of NAWSA. To make improvement on citizenship education, women legal right status, and the condition of women working in industry. Carrie was born Jan.9 1859 she died Carrie died of a heart attack March.9 1947 she was 88.

Womens Rights...

This event that occured effected women to vote and stand their there groung. The world wouldve been diffrent if we never earned and got are rights granted we wouldve been trapped under are husbands hand, cooking, cleaning, farming and doing much of nothing, this event wouldve affected me because i wouldnt be able to attend school or work.