The Life of Deng Xiaoping

The Man Who Made Modern China: By Christine Y.

My Outline

I. My role model is Deng Xiaoping, because he was, a very powerful communist leader with great intelligence, “The man who made Modern China”,and he was the president of The Republic of China.So basically I chose him because he was brave,wise,and socially born to be a leader.

II. The reason why I choose him, was because he was a very brave communist leader that changed China’s economic crisis into economic wealth.

A.) Was very powerful.
Always overcome the conflicts.
Spent a great amount of time, gathering a large amount of followers to obtain ranking and protection.
Had to fight the trials of threats when in office because there where many assassins out to assassinate him.

B.) In his teens,for fight for his education,traveled to Paris, earning barely enough money to survive.
Sacrificed all his money so that he could have education.
Only giving him starvation on days when he didn’t earn enough money.

A general in World War 2 fighting bravely.
Never even got shot once,showing everyone that he was a hard fighter.
Helped his country win World War 2.

III. Another reason why is because he made his country even more wealthier than before,and people called him ”The Man who made Modern China.”(Known to be a very honorable name.)

The man who made Modern China
Did many great economical things.
Received more than 50 awards in past lifetime,including the Nobel Award for strategy techniques.

Reformed the economic ,and that made China become stronger and stronger the ten years that he was ruling The Republic of China.

Served as a First Secretary of the Southwest Bureau, Vice-Chairman of the Southwest Military and Administrative Commission, and Political Commissar of the Southwest Military Command.
Did all of that while leading a campaign to wipe out fleeing bandits and Kuomintang diehards.

IV. Finally,because Deng was a president and being a president,he had to have a lot of leadership skills and social power.

A.) Solved many unpopular conflicts in a matter of minutes.
Could also figure out anything that caused the problem too.
Very wise ,was very careful with everything that he did.

B.) Lead several hundred thousands of soldiers during World War 2.

C.) With care and discretion, Deng broke grudges among different people
Brought the torn nation,that Mao made,back into unity.

An interview with Deng

Many People think him as.....

My Thesis Statement

My role model is Deng Xiaoping and I think he was a very powerful communist leader with great intelligence and bravery.Deng was known to be so powerful in China,that people called him the man who made modern China because of how he changed China’s economy to become more powerful and wealthy in engineering.He was a great leader,as everyone knew but very weak in some points of his life which caused his second wife to leave him after a political attack against Deng.Deng Xiaoping was also very intelligent because he could solve any problem in a matter of minutes.He could also figure out anything that caused the problem too.He was also very wise as he was very careful with everything that he did especially in World War 2.[When he carefully planned out an attack strategy that lead to a victory in battle saving most of his soldiers.]Deng Xiaoping was a brave man who served as a general in World War 2 getting hurt many times in battle but still fighting to the end making him a brave person.
Deng Xiaoping wore a "cowboy hat?" during a Texas rodeo in China,1979.