Get Right Wheelchair Accessories

Prevent Injuries with the Right Wheelchair Accessories

Considering that a lot of wheelchair accessories are designed to make wheelchairs more secure, a lot of people think that it is highly unlikely that they will cause injuries to the use. What they do not realize is that buying the wrong brands of accessories can still make this device more perilous.

In most of the studies that are dedicated to wheelchair-related injuries, the causes of these injuries are grouped into three which are tips and falls; component failures and other causes such as getting hit by a car while using a wheelchair etc. The most notable one is component failures in which the injuries are directly caused by faulty accessories. This means that a lot of experts recognize the fact that wheelchair injures can be caused by accessories.

According to the data gathered by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, the number of wheelchair-related injuries have increased in the past years since over 100,000 people were treated in emergency rooms all over the US because of these types of injuries in 2003 alone. This is why wheelchair users as well as their caretakers or loved ones should be more careful when it comes to choosing the brands of the wheelchair accessories that they are going to buy.