Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger

Professor of English at Briarwood College

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger cares about educating America’s youth and improving its higher education system. The concept of engaging the educational process is very important to Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger. She believes that by using Effective Advising, students are better able to connect academic goals with classroom learning, resulting in a positive outcome. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger knows that if students can be engaged in the educational process, they can better achieve key learning objectives and ultimately find success in life.

Katerina Andriotis: Numerous Professional Affiliations

Katerina Andriotis has been an active and successful member of the academic community throughout her entire career, not only as a skilled educator, but also as professional in many administrative capacities. As a career education professional, she understands the importance of being active in academic organizations and associations, not only as a way to stay up to date on the latest changes and developments in the field of academics, but also as an opportunity to maintain a strong professional network of professionals that can potentially provide numerous career benefits in the future.

As an educator and administrative professional, Katerina Andriotis maintains an affiliation in such organizations as the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U), the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences (CCAS), the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL), the National Council of Teachers of English (NTCE) and more. As a dedicated academic, someone who is ever passionate about learning, the obtainment of knowledge and the subjects she teaches, Katerina Andriotis continues her membership in the Modern Language Association (MLA), the Modern Greek Studies Society (MGSS) and The Greek Byron Society.

Now a Higher Education Consultant with Assessment Plus, she provides special insight, guidance and support to institutions looking to expand and/or improve the quality of their assessment procedures, and to provide these institutions with newer and more effective ideas in education assessment while ensuring an enduring longevity and sustainability of effective assessment practices. She is proud to continue serving the academic community, and seeks to someday return to the university teaching profession.

Katerina Andriotis: Former Academic Advisement Professional

Katerina Andriotis has extensive experience in higher education administration, and has provided exemplary service to numerous academic institutions throughout her career. A career education professional, she is proud to have served as an Academic Advisement Coordinator for Middlesex Community College from 2004 to 2007.

As the institution’s Academic Advisement Coordinator, Andriotis enjoyed a myriad of duties, and performed each with the precision and diligence of a dedicated professional. During her Middlesex tenure, she was charged with such responsibilities as coordinating the work of a team of academic advisors, ensuring that each was equipped with the framework, tools and leadership needed to provide the best services possible to every student. She was also responsible for both providing and facilitating the training members of the faculty and staff needed to perform their advisement duties effectively.

Katerina Andriotis was also charged with providing assistance in the resolution of student advisement issues, and of conducting and leading both individual and group academic advisement sessions. She scheduled all academic advisement activities the college conducted, and was integral to the success of career fairs, open house events and any other related activities provided by the institution.

Other duties carried out by Katerina Andriotis during her tenure as Academic Advisement Coordinator included oversight of developmental student registration, maintaining a continual network with faculty and staff regarding academic advisement and the design and maintenance of online academic advising services provided by the school to its students. She also maintained membership in the National Academic Advisors Association during this time.

Katerina Andriotis: Continually Involved in the Community

Active community involvement to longtime higher education professional Katerina Andriotis, who is always searching for ways to make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of people in need. Andriotis has been consistently and compassionately involved in both organizations, events and causes that have had a genuinely positive impact on people’s lives.

Katerina Andriotis has served the Miss Connecticut Organization as a volunteer from 2000 to 2013, and was proud to serve as a member of the organization’s board from 2006-2010. She was also a participant in the 2012 Greek Authors Book Exhibit and Conference, held by the Athenian Society of New York. She has been a vital part of numerous community fundraising efforts for both the Miss Connecticut and the Miss America Organizations, making contributions to both organizations between 2005 and 2010.

Katerina Andriotis was a participating crew member for the Suicide Awareness and Prevention-Out of the Darkness campaign in June of 2008, and participated in the Chicago Out of the Darkness 26 mile walk in July of 2005. She also participated in a Boston-area 5K walk/run event for the organization in September of 2005.

Andriotis served as Chair of the Athenian Society of New York Conference Committee in the Spring of 2008, and was a Discussion Facilitator for One Book, One Middletown every year between 2004 and 2007. She was proud to be a part of the National Disability Mentoring Program at New Jersey City University in the fall of 2007.

The philanthropic career of Katerina Andriotis is extensive, and includes involvement in numerous organizations and events that have made substantial contributions to the greater good.

Katerina Andriotis: Considerable Administrative Experience

Katerina Andriotis is well-known in academic circles as a dedicated teacher, someone who has always enjoyed the opportunity to share her love of learning and classroom instruction with eager young minds, and to help others obtain a stronger understanding of writing, literature and philosophy. An expert educator and dedicated higher education professional, she has continually been a spirited, enthusiastic and effective educator throughout her teaching career; one that began, in earnest, in the Fall of 1992.

Katerina Andriotis also has considerable administrative experience at the university level, having served as a leader within numerous departments and institutions since 2010. Her administrative career began in August of 2000 as the ESL Program Director and Chairman at Briarwood College, a position she held until December of 2003. She then accepted a position with Middlesex Community College, serving as an Academic Advisement Coordinator for the school from 2004 to 2007.

Andriotis then accepted the position of Assistant Dean New Jersey City University’s William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences. She held this position from August of 2007 to June of 2009, shortly before joining St. Joseph’s College as Dean of Arts and Sciences in July of that same year. She later when on to become the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at a Union, New Jersey based university, a position she began in 2012.

As one with knowledge, insight and experience of the administrative side of higher education academics, Katerina Andriotis has developed a strong understanding of the need of better higher education assessment, the primary reason she launched Assessment Plus, a higher education consulting firm, in 2012.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger: An Accomplished Academic

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger received her Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from The University of Athens, and is a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences. She is the author of Multiple Intelligences and Curriculum Development (Tate Publishing, 2012), and Walt Whitman and Odysseus Elytis (Tate Publishing, 2010).

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has many academic accomplishments. She has taught writing, literature, and philosophy courses since 1992, has held a Yale University Fellowship in Teaching and Learning and a Leadership Fellowship. Her research addresses philosophy, literature, and teaching, and has been published in many academic and professional journals.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is the former Dean of Arts and Sciences at St. Joseph’s College in New York. She served as Assistant Dean, and was promoted to Associate Dean, at the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences of New Jersey City University. She was a Professor of English and Academic Advisement Coordinator at Middlesex College in Middletown, Connecticut for five years, and worked at Briarwood College for five years as Professor of English, ESL Program Director, and English Department Coordinator.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger holds a Bachelor’s degree in Classics from The University of California, Irvine, and an Masters in English and Comparative Literature from San Diego State University. She earned her Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from The University of Athens in 1997. She is a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger: Compelling Research

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has presented her research at conferences and workshops throughout the United States and Europe. Her talks have always received an enthusiastic response. “She’s really passionate about her research and it’s clear she’s an expert in her field,” says one colleague.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger says she really loves the research and writing part of her job. One of her recent presentations was called, “It Takes a Village to Go from Ambivalence to Certainty – Kean University’s Assessment Paradigm: Establishing Clear Outcomes, Linking Outcomes to Recourse Allocation, and Closing the Assessment Loop.”

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has a particular interest on the effects of the digital age on the education of young people. As part of the Digital Age Learning Series, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger presented “Multiple Intelligences, Humor, and Technology in the Classroom: A Practical Approach,” an enthusiastically received paper.

“Every conference presentation I’ve attended by Katerina has always been a compelling experience,” a colleague said. She is known for her passion about engaging students through every educational experience possible. Whether it’s in the classroom or through online resources, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is a proponent of using technology in higher education.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has also been lauded for her research, which has appeared in numerous academic journals and publications. She says one of her goals is to improve higher education by spreading new ideas about how traditional approaches to education are obsolete.
Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger looks forward to sharing her expertise for many years to come. Whether it’s through conference presentations or publishing essays, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is thankful for the opportunity to share her ideas and academic findings.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger: A Believer in Humorous Education

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger wants to change the way we think about education, and the way we think about human intelligence. Many professors seem to believe that there is only one way of teaching, and it is a very dry method. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger knows that this is not the case, and she is an active advocate for the use of humor in the classroom.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger does not, of course, have a stand-up routine; nor does she believe that a university should turn into a comedy club. She argues that the use of humor in the classroom can be applied with judgment and tact. For example, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger warns that professors should not use self-deprecating humor because it can weaken the professors’ authority. It might seem safe to make oneself the target of a joke, but it can go too far and lead to disruption rather than learning.

The key to a successful learning experience is engaging the student, and what Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger recommends is using wit to make what some see as dry material more interesting. Students are more apt to pay attention if humor is applied appropriately during a lesson. After all, she says, if somebody is laughing at the material, they are clearly paying attention. This also helps make concepts more memorable and makes the learning process more enjoyable for everybody.

Another result of classroom humor is an improved connection between students and professors, says Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger. A well-timed joke can help break the ice and encourage more students to actively participate in discussions. Laughter is a great way to bring people together, and this applies to casual conversation as well as a professional learning environment.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger: High-Held Values

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is a veteran academic an impressive résumé in education administration. She has been an Academic Advisement Coordinator at Middlesex Community College and the Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Assistant Dean at St. Joseph's College to New Jersey City University. This diversity has given Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger the background and discipline to begin challenging many accepted ideas about education.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has done extensive research about the methodologies behind higher education. She has been published extensively; a short list of her work includes “The Use of Multiple Intelligence, Humor, and Technology in the College Composition Classroom: A Practical Approach;” “Using Multiple Intelligences to Engage Adult Learners in the Writing/ESL Classroom,” and “Current Trends in Academic Advising.” Her findings have been greatly useful to the field.

In addition to her published works, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has an extensive education to her own name. She holds a BA in Classics, a Masters degree in English and Comparative Literature, and a Ph.D. in American Literature, Culture, And Ideology. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has learned not only about the subjects which she studied, but also much about the process of teaching and what works best within a classroom environment.

When Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is not working, she is devoted to serving her community. Her community service résumé is as impressive as her professional one. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has worked as a Miss Connecticut Organization Board Member and Volunteer. In addition to this, she has worked with Valley Shore Community Collaborative and the Healing Racism Coalition. These causes are all very important to Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger. She is an active advocate for individuals reaching out and working within their communities for positive change.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger: Cutting-Edge Ideas

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has always been committed to higher education, and to improving the learning experience in the classroom. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has a great deal of administrative experience, having worked at New Jersey City University, St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue, New York, and Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Connecticut. From these positions, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has learned to redefine the educational experience and create a more powerful classroom, and teacher-student relationships.

Along with her administrative work, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger also conducts academic research, and has developed innovative techniques for higher education. She has published many essays and articles that have been circulated in well-respected journals and publications. Through these essays, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has challenged conventional wisdom by promoting ideas that address modern day issues in the classroom.

Writings for which Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger has been acknowledged include “The Use of Multiple Intelligence, Humor, and Technology in the College Composition Classroom: A Practical Approach,” “Engaging Adult Learners in the Writing/ESL Classroom,” and “Plato’s Women: Postmodern Pitfalls.”

Her work has resulted in several professional awards and accolades. “It’s an honor to be recognized for research and the new ideas they present,” says Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger. As a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities as well as the Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is able to network with other leaders in education and exchange fresh ideas.

Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger uses her own experiences and those of her family, friends, and colleagues to inspire research ideas and topics. Though her academic career continues to blossom, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger aims to keep her family a priority in her life.

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Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger makes sure she never loses focus on the things that are most important to her: family and friends. Even though Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger’s dedication to her career is unquestioned, her dedication to her family and friends surpasses even this. Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is routinely described as a kind, generous person who is willing to go out of her way to help others. When it comes to her work, Katerina Andriotis-Baitinger is a hard worker who is good at her job.

Katerina Andriotis: Former Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Longtime higher education professional Katerina Andriotis formerly served as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at a New Jersey based higher education institution, holding a position that entailed a multitude of responsibilities.

As one of the leaders within her department, Katerina Andriotis was charged with the oversight of Faculty Assignment Grids, the Educational Opportunities Center’s Advisory Board and Progressive Discipline Procedures for the division. She was also responsible for oversight of the institution’s enrollment management services, as well as all budgetary operations for the division. A skilled administrative and higher education professional at the university, Andriotis was also responsible for both supporting and assisting the Vice President for Academic Affairs regarding the management, leadership and daily oversight of the Division, which currently consists the University Library, six colleges and several vital academic support units.

Katerina Andriotis once served as the Acting Dean of the school’s College of Business and Public Management, a position she held from July of 2012 to March of 2013. She is currently in charge of the coordination of academic, administrative, domestic and international institutional assessment, as well as honors programs and relationships with accrediting bodies. Andriotis oversees scheduling for the division, works with the Vice President on faculty tenure and reappointments, and chairs the Division’s Enrollment Managements Committee.

Andriotis enjoyed her position with the university, as well as the opportunity to have an impact on her division’s day-to-day operations, functionality and success. She was an excellent addition to the school’s Division for Academic Affairs, though she is now in pursuit of a teaching position.