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May 16, 2016

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Hang in there.....summer is close! We know there's a lot to do these next few weeks. Let us know if you need anything!

Important Dates

  • May 16-27: Professional Learning Rotation **Have your pink & blue cards ready**
  • May 17: Grade level planning times **Bring your F & P data as well as final APTT data!
  • May 18: FCSS Digital Learning Day (9-10am)
  • May 20: Piney Grove G3 Day
  • May 20: SLO window closes - all data must be entered in IC & Learning Station

4th Quarter Grading

Standards window opens Wed, May 11th

Numeric opens Wed, May 18th

Grades have to be in by 4:00 on Tues, May 24th.

Along with 4th Quarter Grading also comes a posting of course "Pass" or "Fail." We will need to meet either May 24th during planning or during post planning.

FCSS Digital Learning Day

To celebrate how far we've come with digital learning this year, the county would like to designate May 18th as Digital Learning Day throughout all of FCSS! Here are a few nuggets of information. More details with be coming!

  • We would like students to be participating from 9-10am on May 18th. This will concentrate all traffic to get an idea of itslearning’s ability to handle our usage. We also did not want it to be overwhelming to teachers or students. However, you are encouraged to organize an entire "No Paper Day" like we did a few years ago! :)
  • · Students don’t have to be online the entire time and we are understanding of the fact that every student may not have a device. With the use of the school technology, whatever BYOT devices are available, and collaboration we should have plenty of participation.
  • · Make it fun! This is a day of celebration. Feel free to share information about it in your classroom to get students excited. This will also increase the likelihood of them bringing in devices that day.

End of Year F & P/SLO information

The FCS Elementary Post SLO window is now open! The dates are April 18-May 20; therefore, if you administer an SLO now, it can officially count as the final F & P for the year.

Some reminders:

  • Teacher of record must administer the SLO.
  • For F & Ps: alternate fiction & non-fiction. Start with the opposite of the last genre you tested.
  • For F & Ps: The highest instructional level will be reported.

Also, the SLO Assessment Examiner's Manual has information…if you can’t find your manual, you can find it in the FCS SLO course in itslearning. It’s located in the Elementary F&P Resources folder!

Summer itslearning Professional Learning Opportunities

Click the link to view the itslearning training classes offered this summer.

From Daisy's Desk

Don't forget to do your final APTT assessment(s). We will be meeting during your planning on May 17th or 20th to enter data and print graphs to send home with report cards.

Partner in Ed Spotlight....

Lollipop Moments

~Daisy wants to thank Darlene for jumping in on making parent take-home kits for Kindergarten Readiness Nights!

~Jen E. says thank you to Danielle for always being an awesome co-teacher for the morning lab! Danielle was always willing to help out however she could.

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